Crato, Fritz.

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Crato, Fritz, born 30-06-1881 in Lüneburg, joined the Army on 05-03-1901, 20 years old, as a Fahnenjunker in the 58th Field Artillery Regiment. Detached to the Grant General Staff  to 02-08-1914, as a Hauptmann. With the beginning of World War I he is detached into the Deputy General Staff of the Army. He is participating during the whole war as Signals Officer of Army Detachment “Woyrsh
   ,  Supply Officer, Ib, in the General Command of the Landwehr Corps, Chief Intelligence Ic, Officer in the General Staff of Army Detachment Woyrsch to September 1916. Following Chief of Operation Ia with the 199th Infantry Division, the 19th Reserve Division and the Staff of the General Government Strassburg to the end of the first war. Allowed in the new Reichswehr  until his retirement, on 30-09-1932, now an Oberst. He was reactivated in the growing Reichswehr on 01-04-1936, as a Supplemental Officer in the Army Service. Crato was Commander of the Military District Command in Düsseldorf, until 31-07-1942, meanwhile a Generalmajor.

Death and burial ground of Crato, Fritz.

   On 31-09-1942 he was retired for good and lived in Minden, as two other WWII Generals, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur Regio Neisse, Waldemar Berka
   and General der Artillerie, Commander Feld Artillerie Regiment 40, Rolf Wuthmann
 DeutschesKreuzinGold.jpg . Not a battlefield General, Fritz Crato died at the age of 78, on 29-05-1960 and is buried close to General Wuthmann, on the Nordfriedhof of Minden, Berka rest on the Südfriedhof in Minden.

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