Brush, Isaac Rapp “Dash”.

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Brush, Isaac Rapp “Dash”, born 07-11-1889 in Wyoming, son of Daniel Harmon Brush

 and Harriet Rapp Brush, in the same year as Adolf Hitler (did you know), a veteran of World War I, He had two brothers and one sister Rowland E. Brush, Charles Eliphalet Brush and Julia Maria Brush Bridges. He was married to Alice Josephine Hall Brush and they had one son Isaac Rapp Brush Jr. who died 21-08-1977 (age 60) Captain Isaac Brush Jr. served in the United States Army in World War II

Isaac Sr. was promoted to Major General and given command of the 40th United States Infantry Division

 from April 1942 to July 1945. The 40th would be assigned to the Pacific Campaign and serve with distinction in General Douglas MacArthur´s return to the Philippine Islands. commanded the United States 40th Infantry Division from 1942 – 1945 during its WWII involvement in the United States armed forces’ recon quest of the Philippines.

Rapp Brush with Major General William Henry Rupertus in 1945. In November 1944, Major General Rupertus became the commandant of the Marine Corps Schools at Quantico, Virginia. His tenure was short, however, as he died of a heart attack on 25-3-1945, just four months later. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


The 40th Infantry Division or “Sun Burst” or “Sunshine Division” was prior to its WWII activation on 03-03-1941 divisions of the California, Nevada and Utah Army National Guard. During its WWII service, the 40th Infantry Division or its members were awarded 3 Distinguished Unit Citations, 1 Medal of Honor, 12 Distinguished Service Crosses, 1 Distinguished Service Medal, 245 Silver Stars, 21 Legions of Merit, 30 Soldier’s Medals, 1036 Bronze Star Medals and 57 Army Medals.

During the war various regiments were assigned to the division, these included the 108th, 159th, 160th, 184th, 185th, and 503d, however no more than three regiments were assigned to the division at any one time. World War II honors for the division included three Distinguished Unit Citations. Awards to its men included 1 Medal of Honor, 12 Distinguished Service Crosses, 1 Distinguished Service Medal, 245 Silver Stars, 21 Legions of Merit, 30 Soldier’s Medals, 1,036 Bronze Stars, and 57 Air Medals.

The division returned to the U.S. on 07-04-1946 and was reportedly inactivated the same day. Its casualties during the war included 614 killed in action, 2.407 wounded in action, missing in action3 and 134 died of wounds. 1 soldier was a prisoner of war.

Death and burial ground of Brush, Isaac Rapp “Dash” .

 Rapp Brush died age 68, on 06-03-1958 in San Francisco, California and is buried on the San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco County, California, USA.

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