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Brüning, Joseph, born on 18-10-1893 in Wiedenbrück, volunteered the Army as a Fahnenjuncker in 57th Infantry Regiment on 24-01-1914, age 20. In the fields of the first war from 01-02-1915 as Leutnant and Company Leader in the 57th Infantry Regiment to 18-10-1915. Transferred to the Replacement Battalion of the  57th Infantry Regiment to 14-12-1918. He ended World War I as a adjutant of the III Battalion of the same 57th Infantry Regiment.  After the war he was temporary in the Freikorps Wesel, but joined the new Reichswehr on 20-06-1919 back in the 57th Infantry Regiment. Promoted to Oberleutnant on 01-09-1924, Hauptmann on 01-04-1929, Major on 01-08-1935 and to Oberstleutnant on 01-04-1938, as Tactics Instructor at the War School in Hanover to 03-11-1938. Brüning was commander of  the III Battalion of the 17th Infantry Regiment to 15-03-1940 and landed in the Führer Reserve  to 05-05-1940. Commander of the Special Course for Officer Candidates in the Military district XI until 13-08-1940 and again in the Reserve. From 05-10-1940 Commander of the 431st Infantry Regiment to 08-05-1942 and again the Reserve to 01-09-1942. Brüning was detached to Division Command 191 to 20-09-1942 and commander of the School VIII for Officers Aspirants of the Infantry to 11-06-1944, Now in the Reserve to 15-09-1944, following commander of the Troop Exercise Grounds in Münster, from 15-09-1944 until 08-05-1945 and he landed in Allied captivity.

Death and burial ground of Brüning, Joseph.

Released in 1947 and high decorated, he lived in Wiedenbrück until his death on 03-02-1969, at the age of 75. Joseph Brüning is buried on the Kommunal cemetery of Wiedenbrück.

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