Braumüller, Hans.

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Braumüller, Hans, born on 03-03-1883 in Hanover, the son of the later Prussian Generalleutnant Heinrich Wilhelm Braumüller (1844–1913) and his wife Anna Karoline, born Willkamm ( 26-01-1848 in Berlin-Schöneberg), joined the Army on 03-02-1902, age 18, as a Fahnenjunker, in the 11th Field Artillery Regiment. Promoted to Leutnant from 18-08-1903 and Oberleutnant on 18-08-1911. Transferred to the 10th Field Artillery Regiment to 1915, then Company Chief in the 240th Reserve Infantry Regiment to 1916. Appointed as  Training Leader in the 15th Territorial Field Artillery Regiment to January 1918. Following Training Leader of the 9th Territorial Field Artillery Regiment to July 1918. Still in the fields of the first war as leader of the II Battalion of the 10th Field Artillery Regiment until 01-10-1918 and ends the war with the 10th Reichswehr Artillery Regiment. Allowed in the new Reichswehr  with the same Regiment, as a Hauptmann. Promoted to Major on 01-05-1925, Oberstleutnant on 01-02-193 and Oberst on 01-02-1933, he retired on 31-03-1933 and reactivated in the growing Wehrmacht as a Supplement Officer on 01-05-1933, until 01-06-1941. Promoted to Generalmajor on 01-06-1941 and was transferred as commander of the Psychological Test Centrum IX and retired again on 31-03-1944, age 61.

Death and burial ground of Braumüller, Hans.

Not a fighting General, still high decorated, Braumüller, lived until his death at the age of 73, on 04-03-1956, in Langelsheim near Goslar, where Generaloberst der Panzertruppe, Oberbefehler B 2nd Panzer Armee Heinz Wilhelm Guderian is buried and his sons.
    Braumüller is buried on the village cemetery, of Langelsheim with his wife Erika, born Bernuth, who died old age 94, on 03-08-1986, she lived longer for thirty years.

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