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Bradfisch, Otto, born on 10-05-1903 in Zweibrücken, Rheinland, was an economist, a jurist, an SS Obersturmbannführer , Leader of Einsatzkommando 8 of Einsatzgruppe B of the Security Police and the SD. Bradfisch joined the NSDAP , membership no. 405 869. At the time he was studying in Munich, he was working as the acting local group leader. Bradfisch applied for service in the Gestapo , into which he was hired on 15-03-1937 and was attached to Einsatzgruppe B of the Security Police and the Sicherheitsdienst in June 1941. Einsatzgruppe B was one of four Einsatzgruppen deployed for special operations during Operation Barbarossa, the attack on the Soviet Union. Jew_Killings_in_Ivangorod_(1942) The Einsatzgruppen task was, as established by oral Führer order and a written direction from Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) Chief Reinhard Heydrich They had to eliminate, Jews, com intern functionaries, saboteurs, assassins, agitators and so on
        Bradfisch was awarded the rank deemed to befit a man in his position, SS Sturmbannführer. Leader of the EK 8, Bradfisch was responsible for all measures and executions, organized by SS Obersturmbannführer, Adolf Eichmann  To some extent, he led the executions and in the odd case even shot with his own hand. As the Red Army loomed, he managed to escape westwards, procuring for himself a Wehrmacht pay book with junior officer Karl Evers’s name on it. He then first found himself in American custody as a prisoner of war, but was then transferred to British custody and by August 1945 he was released.

Death and burial ground of Bradfisch, Otto.

In 1963, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. He then lived in Munich and died at the very old age of 91, on 22-06-1994. Bradfisch is buried with his wife Marie Louise, who died also at very old age 95, on 07-01-2005, on the Westfriedhof of Munich, close by to the graves of Ernst Julius Röhm and Hitler’s pilot SS Obergruppenführer, Hand Baur. Oberst der Flieger, Company Chief of a Stuka Squadron, Alfred Genz and Generaal der Flieger, Chef Kommandeur der Luftwaffe, Josef Kammhuber
  and Generalleutnant der Wehmacht, Inspecteur der Fahrtruppen, Rudolf Trauch, SA leader, Johannes Schweighart, the founder of the NSDAP, Anton Drexler, the SA leader, Edmund Heines, Hitler’s doctor SS Obersturmbannführer, Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger, the one who gave the suicide pills to Magda Goebbels to kill her six children.
  Hitler’s youngest secretary
Traudl Junge    and the contested Dutch actor and singer, who die old age of 108, Johan Heesters.


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