Boysen, Wolf.

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Boysen, Wolf, born on 26-04-1889, in Bitsch, Elsass, only five days after Adolf Hitler (did you know) (see Hitler parents). He entered the Army Service on 14-03-1907, 17 years old, in the 66th Infantry Regiment until 26-08-1914 as an Adjutant of the III Battalion and at the beginning of World War I in the same Regiment, as a company leader until 12-03-1915. Assigned as leader of the 52nd Bicycle Company  until 28-10-1916. Successively battalion leader of the 170th, 169th, and again the 170th Infantry Regiment to 15-03-1917. Appointed as Ordinance Officer with the Staff of the 52nd Infantry Division , under General Karl von Borries  to 06-01-1918. Borries died age 83 on 03-03-1938, in Lüneburg. Again successively battalion leader of the 170th, 169th, 111th and 169th Infantry Regiment to 18-03-1918. Boysen ended the war, as the commander of the 1st Battalion of the 170th Infantry Regiment and lands, in British captivity until 04-11-1919. He was allowed in the new Reichswehr with the Staff of the 1st Battalion of the 104th Reichswehr Rifle Regiment to 20-04-1920, as he retired from the Army. He then joined the Police Service as a Hauptmann and leader of the 1st Unit with the Security Police in Halle/Saale. He was transferred to Army Service again on 01-10-1935 as Oberst as commander of the 1st Battalion of the 103rd Infantry Regiment to 01-10-1936. At the beginning of World War II. Boysen as Generalmajor from 01-08-1939, was Wehrmacht Commander of Replacement Troops 2 in Military District VIII, in Gleiwitz, Poland. Gleiwitz was the town where the Germans provocated the start of WWII, attacking the German radio station of Gleiwitz with German troops in Polish uniforms. Following the Military Replacement Inspector in Weimar, to 15-08-1941. Leader of Field Replacement Division B to 15-12-1941. Again successively Military Replacement Inspector in Weimar to 01-05-1942 and Katowice to 20-02-1945 and at the same time as a  Generalleutnant now from Wehrmacht Commander of Katowice to 03-11-1944. Military Replacement Inspector VIII, to 08-05-1945. He broke through to the British Zone and landed in captivity until 05-11-1946.

Death and burial ground of Boysen, Wolf.

Released he lived in Gütersloh, were he at the old age of 81 died, on 20-01-1971. Generalleutnant Wolf Boysen is buried with his wife Elisabeth, born Gräfin Finck von Finckenstein, who died age 63 on 15-11-1964, on the Johannes cemetery in Gütersloh, next to Generalleutnant der Flieger, Chef des Stabes X FliegerkorpsMartin Harlinghausen
  , close by the graves of Generalmajor der Artillerie, Kommandeur der 212th Infanterie Division , Hans Jobst Buddenbrock and General der Flieger, Commander of Command station of Luftwaffe Catch Staff West with Air Region Command VI, Günther Wieland.

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