Bourquin, Alexander.

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Bourquin, Alexander.

Bourquin, Alexander, born 21-05-1896 in Nazereth, Jamaica, entered the Army as a War Volunteer in the Royal Saxon 4th Infanterie-Regiment Nr.103  on 21-08-1914. Detached to the Machinegun Company of Reserve Infantry Regiment 103, on 24-02-1915. Then transferred to the Machinegun Company of Reserve Infantry Regiment 103 from 01-04-1915.

He became an Officer Candidate in the Royal Saxon 3rd Infanterie-Regiment König Ludwig III von Bayern Nr.102 while retaining his position in Reserve Infantry Regiment 103, from 10-05-1915. Again detached to the Weapons Officers Course in Döberitz from 01-10-1916 until 01-11-1916.  From 29-10-1917 until 11-11-1917, detached to a course at the Kowno War School and assigned as deputy Machinegun Officer on the Staff of Reserve Infantry Regiment 103, from 29-07-1918. Then from 03-01-1919 transferred to Infantry Regiment 102 and from 02-02-1919 appointed as Adjutant of Württemberg Border Battalion 5.

On 28-04-1919 he was Company Officer in the 1st Saxon Border Jäger (Reichswehr) Regiment 23 of Reichswehr-Brigade 12. From 01-10-1920 transferred as a Company Officer to the 10th (Saxon) Infantry Regiment upon the formation of the new Reichsheer from the Übergangsheer or Transitional Army. Bourquin was detached to the Infantry School. Then from 01-10-1924 detached for Leader Assistant training with the Staff of the 4th Division and later to the staff of the 4th Infantry Division under command of Oberst (colonel) Erich Raschick.

When Adolf Hitler came to power  he was a Company Chief in the 10th (Saxon) Infantry Regiment and on 01-10-134 appointed as Company Chief in Infantry Regiment “Plauen.” From 25-10-1938 now detached to the Wiener Neustadt War School until 10-11-1938 and became instructor at the Wiener Neustadt War School. Shortly for the start of World War II transferred to the Staff of the Higher Command for Special Employment XXXVII.

From 08-01-1940 assigned as Commander of 1st Battalion of Infantry Regiment 282 of the 98th Infantry Division . Commander of Infantry Regiment 446 of the 134th Infantry Division under Generalleutnant Conrad von Cochenhausen , and from 12-09-1941 with the Army High Command Leader Reserve. Detached to the Infantry School as an Instruction Group Commander and from 10-12-1941 Commander of Instruction Group III of the Infantry School. Von Cochenhausen committed suicide age 53 on 13-12-1941 near Rossoschnoje.

Bourquin not yet a battlefield General became Commander of School II for Officer Candidates of Infantry, Wiener Neustadt and from 15-01-1943 with the Army High Command Leader Reserve. Bourquin was Deputy General of the East Troops from 25-01-1943 and from 04-09-1943 Army High Command Leader Reserve.

Then from 11-10-1943, he was delegated with the deputy leadership of the 117th Jäger Division  under General der Gebirgstruppe, Karl von Le Suire. Bourquin was appointed with the leadership of the 11th Luftwaffe Field Division, from 10-11-1943. The 11th Field Division surrendered and was disarmed on 12 May 1945 near Vojnik – Slovenske Konjice. From 01-12-1943 with the leadership of the 114th Jäger Division  succeeding General der Gebirgstruppe,  Karl Eglseer . Then from 30-09-1944, leader Reserve – hospitalized. Inspector of the Volunteer Formations/Army High Command and from 08-05-1945 he landed as prisoner of war in British captivity. On June 23, 1944, a Junkers JU 52 aircraft carrying Karl Eglseer, age 53, General der Infanterie Thomas Emil von Wickede, age 51 , Generaloberst Eduard Dietl, Generalleutnant Franz Rossi  and three other passengers crashed in the vicinity of the small village of Rettenegg, Styria; there were no survivors.

From 29-07-1946 Bourquin was transferred to Island Farm Special Camp 11 from LDC (London District Cage),  From 13-08-1946 transferred to LDC from Island Farm Special Camp 11, following from 19-08-1946 transferred to Island Farm Special Camp 11 from LDC and at last released on 17-05-1948.

Death and burial ground of Bourquin, Alexander.

Living in Braunschweig Alexander Bourquin died at the age 70 on 05-12-1966 and is buried, with his wife Lily, born Müller, who died old age 88 on 28-12-1990, on the Hauptfriedhof, Main cemetery, in Lörrach, Brombacher Strasse, Grave location IM 1 Nr. 42. Kirk Bissat from Canada, found the grave for me and sent the grave photo.

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