Bouhler, Philipp.

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Bouhler, Philipp, born 11-09-1899 in Munich , ten years after Adolf Hitler  (did you know), to a retired Oberst and Chief of the Bavarian War Office, Emil Bouler and spent five years in the Royal Bavarian Cadet Corps as a volunteer on 16-07-1916. Promoted to Leutnant in July 1917, he took part in the First World War and was badly wounded  in August 1917 near Arras in France. His wounds made gave him a permanent walking problem. From 1919 to 1920, he studied philosophy for four semesters and in November 1921 became a contributor in the publishing house that put out the newspaper Völkischer Beobachter , under Hitler’s former WWII sergeant Max Amann.
   He joined the NSDAP in July 1922 with membership number 12. He married Helene “Heli” Majer and invited on the Berghof by Adolf he met Karl Brandt and his wife Anni Brandt. Bouhler and Brandt would be involved in the euthanasia programs by Aktion T4. Aktion T4 was a postwar name for mass murder through involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany. The name T4 is an abbreviation of Tiergartenstraße 4, a street address of the Chancellery department set up in the spring of 1940, in the Berlin borough of Tiergarten, which recruited and paid personnel associated with T4.   By 1941, more than 70,000 patients, of asll ages, with hereditary or incurable ailments had been murdered.
By autumn 1922 Bouhler had become deputy manager of the NSDAP. After the failed Beerhall Putsch in Munich and the subsequent refunding of the Party in 1925, he became Reich Secretary of the NSDAP. After the seizure of power in 1933, he became a Reich Leader and Member of the Reichstag for Westphalia.
 He joined Heinrich Himmler’s  SS on 20-04-1933 with membership number: 54,932. In 1934, Bouhler became Police Chairman of Munich, and only a month later, he was appointed Chief of Adolf Hitler’s Chancellery, a post specially created on 17-11-1934 that was first and foremost set aside for Party business
        Reichspropagandaminister Josef Goebbels  (did you know) wrote in his diary on 31-01-1941: „With Bouhler conferred about the silence liquidation of the mental ill people. 40 000 are already gone, still 60 000 have to go. He held that position until 23-04-1945. In this job, for instance, secret decrees might be prepared, or internal business managed, before being brought before Adolf Hitler. Moreover, Bouhler was Chairman of the “Official Party Inspection Commission for the Protection of National Socialist Literature” (Der Chef der Kanzlei des Führers und Vorsitzender der Parteiamtlichen Prüfungskommission zum Schutze des NS-Schrifttums), which determined what writings were and were not suitable for Nazi society. Bouhler’s office was responsible for all correspondences for Hitler which included private and internal communications as well as responding to public inquiries, for example, requests for material help, godfathership, jobs, clemency, NSDAP business and birthday wishes.
 By 1944, much of the functions of the Kanzlei des Führers were absorbed by the Party Chancellery, Parteikanzlei under Reichsleiter, Martin Bormann.
  Bouhler together with SS Gruppenführer Karl Brandt, Hitler’s personal physician,
 was also responsible for activities involving the killing of people. Brandt would be hanged in Landsdorf age 44 on 02-06-1948. Bouhler supervised and was the strategist in the development and implementation of the Nazis’ early euthanasia program, Aktion T4  in which mentally ill and physically handicapped people were murdered. Various methods of killing were tried out. The first killing facility was Schloss Hartheim
 in Upper Austria where the victims were transported with buses. The knowledge gained from the euthanasia program was later applied to the industrialized annihilation of other groups of people, such as Jewish people.

Death and burial ground of Bouhler, Philipp.

  Bouhler and his wife, Helene,  were arrested by American troops at Schloss Fischhorn, in Bruck, An der Grossglocknerstrasse, Zell am See on 10-05-1945, together with the whole group of Hermann Goering (did you know).
Thereafter, both committed suicide, his wife Helene “Heli” jumped out of a window from Schloss Fischhorn and a young Leutnant removed her diamond rings from her fingers. On 19-05-1945, Bouhler used a cyanide capsule. The couple had no children. The couple is probably ironically buried in the mass grave on the Dachau concentration camp ground.


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