Bonekamp, Johannes Lambertus “Jan”

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Bonekamp, Johannes Lambertus "Jan"
Bonekamp, Johannes Lambertus “Jan”, born on 19-05-1914 in Velzen, from Johannes Gerardus Bonekamp en Dorothea Hilhorst married on 31-03-1910,
 Ouders van Jan op hun trouwdag, 31 maart 1910.   was a Dutch resistance man. Jan living with his wife Catharina and one daughter, born in 1940, in Ymuiden. He is approved for the Dutch Army (see About) and from 03-6-1943 he lost his job in a blast furnaces.

Death and burial ground of Bonekamp, Johannes Lambertus “Jan”.

He joined the resistance Jan van Hoof and together with Hannie Schaft
      nickname, “The girl with the red hair”, he on 21-06-1944, shortly after D-Day, assassinated the disputed Dutch SD, Security Service , policeman Ragaut in Zaandam, they shot him, riding on their bikes,  several earlier attempts had failed. Hannie was a quiet taciturn girl, Jan a recklessness and resolute man, not a good couple. Hannie Schaft could escape from the scene, but Jan Bonekamp got bullets in his abdomen and dorsal vertebra, in the shooting afterwards and tried to escape also. He knocked at the door of an older couple, but they called the police. He was taken to the police office, and already blind and dying, he told a fake nurse the place where Hannie Schaft lived. He then died with extreme pain without any help. The police invaded Hannie’s house, but she already had left her home. Hannie later was captured by the Nazi’s agents and executed on 17-04-1945.  Another Dutch traitor was shot riding on his bike.
 The traitor, policeman Fake Krist  was shot by the resistanceman Gommert Krijger on 25-10-1944, leaving his house in Haarlem, three earlier attempts failed. Hanny Schaft and Truus Oversteegen wearing man clothes,
  waited some further to do the same. As reprisal for the at assassination ten men from the prison at de Weteringschans in Amsterdam were shot public against a wall close by. Truus Menger-Oversteegen, above, survived the war. Jan Bonekamp, a hero, is buried, at the age of 30, on the Wester cemetery in Ymuiden.


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