Bomhard, Adolf Theodor Ernst von.

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Bomhard, Adolf Theodor Ernst von, born 16-01-1891 in Augsburg, During the First World War, Bomhard saw service as an officer in the Bavarian Army, eventually finishing the war as adjutant to Franz Ritter von Epp. Bomhard would later write and publish the history of his regiment
He was SS Gruppenführer and Generalleutnant of the Ordnungspolizei in the Third Reich . In the Bundesrepublik he was the Mayor of Prien am Chiemsee, where SS Obergruppenführer Karl Wolff would die later and in 1971 made ​​an honorary citizen of the city. Adolf von Bomhard was the son of the Bavarian Generalmajor s Karl Eduard Christoph von Bomhard, born 02-04-1866 in Munich, died May 1938) and his wife Marie Ludovica Mathilde, born of Heinleth, 13-06-1867 in Augsburg. Bomhard married on 28-03-1917 Franziska Emilie Hengeler, born 16-05-1890 in Munich. She was the daughter of the painter Adolf Hengeler . Hengeler died age 64, n 03-12-1927. After attending high school in Munich, he joined on 18-07-1910 as a cadet in the Infantry Leib-Regiment of the Bavarian army and was promoted to Leutnant in 1912. During the First World War, he took part with his regiment as a train, company and battalion commander, battalion adjutant, adjutant and regimental adjutant in the fighting in France, Tyrol, Serbia, Macedonia, Veneto, Romania and Hungary. He was wounded several times . The war ended von Bomhard as Captain IV, since October 18-10-1918 and has been awarded both classes of the Iron Cross. Von Bomhard belonged to the nobility and. Von Bomhard’s Regiment Commander during the war was Franz von Epp and after the war he joined the von Epp Freikorps
   He also received the Iron Cross I and II Klasse. Heinrich Himmler had a preference for nobility, Josias Waldeck von Pyrmont and SS Obergruppenführer, Friedrich von Eberstein     to give the growing SS a face and Bomhard joined the NSDAP and SS in 1933. From 1933 von Bomhard was Chief of Staff of the National Police inspection Brandenburg. In the same year he was also a supporting member of the SS. He was a member of the NSDAP  since 1937 and since March 1938, the SS. Since 1936 von Bomhard worked as chief of the command office in the SS Main Office Order Police, his superior was Kurt Daluege.
Daluege was convicted on all war crime charges and hanged in Pankrac prison in Praque on 24-10-1946. He is buried in an unmarked grave at Prague’s Ďáblice cemetery. Von Bomhard was assigned to SS Gruppenführer in 1940. In November 1942 he was the commander of the disputed Ordnungspolizei in the Reichskommissariat in the Ukrain, Kiew. where he replaced the originating also from Bavaria SS-group leader and Police General Otto von Oelhafen
  Von Oelhafen died age 65, on 13-03-1952, in Munich. Von Bomhard followed the same path as his predecessor of integrating police operations with the murderous activities of the SS in the area. Holding the role until October 1943, von Bomhard took an important role in ideological instruction of the Ukrainian police in the Nazi Weltanschauung. Von Bombard and several high SS officers visited Auschwitz in 1942 and they knew that Jews were killed. SS Hauptsturmführer there, Josef Mengele “Angel of Death” infamous for performing human experiments on camp inmates, including twin children, was called the “Angel of Death”.
     Von Bomhard was transferred in 1943 to Inspector of the Police Schools and ended the war as the leader of the Ordnungs Police in the occupied Mähren, Poland. After the war this disputed man became citizen of honor and mayor of Prien, but Nazi hunter Jacob Knap, who knew his history, wrote. “The Priener citizen of honor was a desk criminal and a dread Organizer of the Nazis.” and the title was canceled.

Death and burial ground of Bomhard, Adolf Theodor Ernst von.

Adolf von Bomhard died at the old age of 85, on 16-07-1976, in Prien and is buried with his wife Emilie, born Hengeler, who died age 79, on 12-05-1965 and his son Dr. Peter von Bomhard, who died age 60, on 29-09-1979, on the Stadtfriedhof of Prien. Only a few steps away is the grave of another contested SS man, SS Waffen General and Himmler’s adjutant, SS Obergruppenführer, SS and Polizei Führer in Italy, Karl ” Wolffie” Wolff.

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