Boineburg-Lengsfeld, Wilhelm Georg Gustav Botho Rudolf “Hans” Reichsfreiherr von.

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Wilhelm-Ernst Kriegskreuz 1915 Saksen-Weimar-Eisenach.jpg 2nd Class: 18 yearsPanzer badge.jpgDE Band mit RK (1).jpg
Boineburg-Lengsfeld, Wilhelm Georg Gustav Botho Rudolf "Hans" Reichsfreiherr von
Hans Boineburg-Lengsfeld, born on 09-06-1889 in Eisenach, son of Konrad / Curt von Boineburg-Lengsfeld and Helene von Hopffgarten, two months after Hitler (see Hitler parents) (did you know) (see Hitler) (see William Hitler).  Boineburg’s family, real Prussian, belongs to the nobility in Germany and Hans at the age of 21 entered the Army Service on 01-10-1910 as a Fahnenjunker and soon he was a Leutnant. He served with the Cavalry Jäger Regiment Nr 6 and with this regiment on the front of the first war. An officer with a obligated Prussian monocle. Assigned as Ordinance Officer  in the Staff of the 8th Cavalry Division “Florian Geyer” . Promoted to Oberleutnant on 18-10-1915. Rewarded with both the Iron Crosses  and remained in the Reichswehr  with the 3th Prussian Cavalry Regiment. The last commander of this regiment during WWII was General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur General XIV Panzer Korps, Fridolin Senger von Etterlin.
Promoted to Major on 01-10-1942, to Oberstleutnant on 01-06-1935 and to Oberst on 01-10-1937. At the beginning of World War II he as Oberst and commander of the 4th Schützen Brigade, was involved in the Poland and Western invasion and received the Knight Cross of the Iron Cross  and landed in the Führer Reserve on until October 1940. Then appointed as commander of the 4th Panzer Division File:4th Panzer Division logo 3.svg , succeeding Generalleutnant Johann Joachim “Hajo”  Stever  and led this division in the battles in Mid Russia and landed again in the Führer Reserve.  When the Soviets advanced into Germany in 1945, General Stever fell into their custody and is believed to have died shortly thereafter as he has not been seen since. Boineburg promoted to Generalmajor on 01-10-1941 as commander of the 23th Panzer Division File:23rd Panzer Division logo.svg, succeeding Generalmajor Heinz-Joachim Werner-Ehrenfeucht  and lost this command to Generalmajor der Panzertruppe, Erwin Mack, Mack died in battle age 51, on 26-08-1942, in the Kaukasus. Generalmajor Heinz-Joachim Werner-Ehrenfeucht died on 15-02-1978, age 83. When the plans of the attack on Stalingrad felt in Russian hands, Boineburg,
General der Panzertruppe, Georg “Fireball” StummePortrait of General of Panzer Troops Georg Stumme DE Band mit RK (1).jpg  and then Oberstleutnant, later Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur 256th Volksgrenadier-DivisionGerhard Franz
  had to explain before the Reichs War Court, but were acquitted. On 24-10-1942 General Georg Stumme, age 56, was uninjured, but suffered a heart attack and died. His body was found the following day. He was replaced by Generalder Panzertruppe, German Africa Corps. DAK, Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma During the desert war in Africa from 13-09-1940 until Mai 1943, the allied forces lost more then 250.000 men, death, wounded and captured. The As force’s casualties were 620.000 men included 250.000 prisoners of war. Boineburg promoted on 16-11-1942 to  Generalleutnant with again the command of the 23th Panzer Division .
He here on the left, on 01-04-1943 well know became being the commander of Paris, as he arrested members of the Gestapo and SS, during Operation Falkyrie. General der Flieger, Otto von Stülpnagel was the German military commander of France during World War II, Otto von Stülpnagel. Stülpnagel was called the “butcher of Paris” and was hanged. General der Infanterie, Kommandeur der XXV Korps, Dietrich von Choltitz,
the German Military governor of Paris during the closing days of the German occupation, didn’t obey the orders of Hitler to destroy Paris. Boineburg was in the Führer Reserve , after a long illness due to WWI wounds and as commander of the Army Trainings Accommodation in Freiburg, he was captured by the Americans. After his release on 30-05-1946 Boineburg lived on his country seat in Felsberg-Altenburg in Hessen. He was married to Gunnel Johanna Lengsfeld and had three daughters, Beatrix Wilhelmine Sigrid, Gunnel Freiin von Boineburg-Lengsfeld and Brita Hildegard Helene Freiin von Boineburg-Lengsfeld.

Death and burial ground of Boineburg-Lengsfeld, Wilhelm Georg Gustav Botho Rudolf Hans Reichsfreiherr von.

 2h80dih  Boineburg-Lengsfeld died at the old age of 91,
  on 20-11-1980 and is buried in the woods of his own country estate in Altenburg and we visited this estate years ago. The country seat is meanwhile pretty decayed, with a few horses and two older kind daughters of Boineburg living there. One daughter, Martia looking like her father, was so kind to show us the grave, in the middle of the woods.

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