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Boie, Claus, born on 10-01-1891 in Königsberg, Prussia, later famous as the Fortress of Königsberg,  who’s defender was General der Infanterie, Otto Lach.
  He joined the army as a Fähnrich in the 165th Infantry Regiment. Boie participated on the Western Front in World War I and temporary leader of the III Battalion of the 165th Infantry Regiment. Boie had several decorations during WWI. He was commander of the POW Camp in Quidlinburg  from 19-05-1919 to 12-07-1919. Boie remained in the Reichswehr and at the beginning of World War II, he was commanding the 130th Infantry Regiment. After the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) in 1940, he was commander of the 572nd Infantry Regiment until 11-11-1942, as he again landed in the Reserve. His last command was Field commander 497 in Marseille, until he was in French captivity. Released on 14-03-1948 he lived in Lüneburg with fellow Generalleutnant der Kavallerie, Commander of the Rear Army Area, Iwan Heunert, General der Infanterie, Commander 14th Army , Kurt von Tippelkirch and Field Marshal der Flieger, Erhard Milch

Death and burial ground of Boie, Claus.

Claus Boie died at the very old age of 91, on 28-08-1983, in Lüneburg. He is buried on the Zentral cemetery of Lüneburg, next to his “comrades”. Nearby the grave of Field Marshal Erhard Milch.

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  1. Barnim Kluge


    My father Franz Friedrich Kluge served under Boie in Marseille. He, like Boie went to prison camp. Does anyone out there have any information about the camp in Algeria, at Gerriville ? Any names of people there ? Photos ?

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