Biwer, Franz.

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Biwer, Franz
Biwer, Franz, born on 29-06-1891 in Euskirchen, entered the Army as a Officer Aspirant of the 88th Infantry Regiment in 1912. Biwer joined the Flying Training School and participated in World War I, as a pilot in the 224th Artillery Flying Regiment. He remained in the new Reichswehr  in between the both wars. Since 1938 he was the commander of the 1st Flying Training Regiment, in Hermann Goering´s   (see did you know)  and Air Base at Neu Kuhren. Promoted to Oberst on 01-10-1938 and to Generalmajor on  01-09-1941. Higher Flying Training Commander XVIII in Vienna, until 30-04-1943. Biwer was Inspector of POW Affairs RLM, until in the Führer Reserve (see Hitler) (did you know)
   for a few weeks. Hitler’s remains were scattered in the river Ehle from the Pig Bridge.
Biwer was attached to the RLM Air Inspection, until 30-04-1944 and was retired. Franz Biwer didn’t see the battlefield from short sight, as he did in the first war.

Death and burial ground of Biwer, Franz.

Living in his hometown Euskirchen after the war, he died at the age of 70, on 02-10-1962 and is buried in a family grave on the Stadtfriedhof of Euskirchen.

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