Bieler, Bruno Richard Karl.

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Bieler, Bruno Richard Karl, born on 18-06-1888, in Gumbinnen/East-Prussia, one year before Adolf Hitler (did you know) (see William Hitler),  As a Fähnrich, he, age 18, entered the Army on 14-03-1907 in the 33rd Füselier Regiment. Bieler is, at the beginning of World War I, set in on the Eastern Front and ends the war in the General Staff of the Army. In between the both wars he is working, in the Reichswehr Ministry, for the new Reichswehr  . With the outbreak of World War II, he as Commander of the 73rd Infantry Division succeeding General der Artillerie Friedrich von Rabenau participates in the Western and Balkan battles, following the invasion of Russia. The division was not motorized, but instead relied on marching for the infantry units and horse-drawn transport for the support equipment. This division was completely destroyed for the final time in the fighting around Danzig in 1945. The surviving divisional staff officers went down with the liner Goya on 17-04-1945. The Goya was a German transport ship sunk by a Soviet submarine in the Baltic Sea, near the end of the World War II, while carrying wounded Wehrmacht troops and civilians who were fleeing the advance of Soviet forces. Most of the crew and passengers died.
The sinking of the Goya was one of the biggest single-incident maritime losses of life of the war, and as such one of the largest maritime losses of life in history, with just 183 survivors among 7.000 passengers and crew. Bieler personal is leading his men in the Region of Nemerlejeff and awarded with the Iron Cross. He is temporary replaced by Generalmajor der Infanterie, Graf Hans von Sponeck for a short vacation.

Death and burial ground of Bieler, Bruno Richard Karl.

Bieler lands in hospital in Bad Nauheim with an illness, on 16-05-1942. In the Führer Reserve  until 16-11-1942 and gets the command of North France, on 01-05-1943. He again is in the hospital, now in Bad Pyrmont from 15-08-1944 to 04-09-1944. Reichs SS Führer, Heinrich Himmler  orders to remove Bieler of his command and he lands in the Führer Reserve again and isn’t used anymore. Bieler is retired from 30-04-1945, age 56, but is still allowed to wear his uniform.
Bruno Bieler, here with Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt lived until his death, at the age of 77, on 22-03-1966, in Dorfmark. Bieler is buried with his wife Karin, born Domnitz, who died age 77 on 21-02-1977, on the village cemetery of Dorfmark next to the grave of General Field Marshal der Infanterie, OB Heeresgruppe Sud, Erich von Manstein and Generalmajor der Infanterie,Stab des Generals der Wehrmacht in Italy, Egmond Bahn.

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