Bieber, Martin.

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Martin Bieber, born on 10-11-1900 in Tabarz, Thüringen, Martin Bieber visited the Hauptkadettenanstalt Lichterfelde and joined the 29th Fusilier Regiment as an ensign on 02-04-1917, where he was promoted to leutnant on 14-12-1917. Martin participated in World War I  and was wounded of hand grenade splinters in his bottom and shoulder, on 09-12-1917. After a few weeks in hospital again wounded, now in his upper leg and in hospital in France and Zweibrücken, Germany. He ends the war  and joined the Lower Rhine Freikorps in 1919. He was discharged from the army on 09-07-1920. On 15-10-1934 he was reactivated as a Hauptmann in the 37th Infantry Regiment, was an orderly officer in the staff of Infantry Commander 26 from 10-11-1938 and became commander on 01-02-1940 while being promoted to major of the II. / Infantry Regiment 167. He took part in the western campaign and fought in Russia from July 1941. He is involved in the battles on the Eastern Front and after a direct order of the Führer (see Hitler) (did you know), commanded to the 427th Infantry Regiment. With the 184th Regiment, he opened the battle of “Operation Zitadelle”  and is personal leading an attack. Bieber is awarded for this bravery, with the Iron Cross by Generalfeldmarschall der Panzertruppe, Walter Model
     Wounded in his pelvis now, he is promoted to Oberst, with the command of the 184th Grenadiers Regiment of the 86th Infantry Division  under command of General der Artillerie, Helmuth Weidling.  Weidling died on 17-11-1955, age 64, in the custody of the KGB in Vladimir of an apparent heart attack. Recovered Bieber takes, as a Generalmajor, the command of the 86th and received the Oak Leaves . As Division Commander he lands in Soviet captivity, on 13-05-1945 and released from the Camp Woikowo first in 1955, by the strains of  Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer the German new Chancellor.

Death and burial ground of Bieber, Martin.

Bieber lived until his death on 19-10-1973, at the age of 73, in Düsseldorf. Bieber is buried on the Nordfriedhof in Düsseldorf and close by are the graves of different “famous” WW II personalities, Hitler’s Press Chief, SS Obergruppenführer, Otto Dietrich Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur 7th Flak Division, Alfred Erhard, the former commander of concentration camp Westerbork in the Netherlands, SS Obersturmführer, Albert Gemmeker, Anna Frank and her family, father, mother and sister Margo, were integrated in this camp, before leaving to Bergen Belsen, where they died, father Otto Frank survived, he died old age 91, on 19-08-1980,  remarried in Bazel, Switzerland. Bieber is buried with his wife Frida, born Grobe, who died age 79, on 14-04-1989, on the Nordfriedhof in Düsseldorf. Also buried there are Hitler’s favourite architects, Hermann Giesler and Paul Giesler and Arno Breker, Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Kommandeur der 526th Infanterie Division, Fritz Kühne, diplomat in Paris, Ernst vom Rath, killed in Paris by the Jewish boy Grynspan, General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur 1st Panzer Division, Walther Nehring and SS Obergruppenführer, Fritz Weitzel.



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