Biberstein (born Ernst Szymanowski), Ernst Emil Heinrich

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Biberstein (born Ernst Szymanowski), Ernst Emil Heinrich
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Biberstein (born Ernst Szymanowski), Ernst Emil Heinrich, born 15-02-1899 in Hilchenbach, 10 months after Adolf Hitler  (did you know), was an SS Obersturmführer , member of the SD  and commanding officer of Einsatzcommando 6. During World War I he was a private from March 1917 to 1919 and left the army. He joined fanatic the Nazi party in 1926, age 27, and then the SS  on 13-09-1936, his membership number was 272692. From March through October 1940 he was again a soldier. In 1941, SS Obersturmbannführer, Ernst Biberstein changed his name from Szymanowski or Schzymanowski to Biberstein. After the assassination of the head of the RSHA, Reinhard Heydrich
   he was assigned command of Einsatzgruppe C in June 1942. Biberstein, a unscrupulous man, was a defendant at the Einsatzgruppen Trial during the Nuremburg Trials.  His trial began in September 1947 and ended 09-04-1948. At his arraignment, along with all other defendants, he plead, of course, not guilty on all charges. Einsatzgruppen 6 was charged with having executed some two to three thousand people. It was brought to light that at Rostow, Russia, he, the awful, had personally supervised the execution of more then 50 people. The victims were stripped of valuable articles, rings and gold properties, and partially of clothes, gassed, and left in a mass grave. Biberstein was also present at executions where victims were made to kneel at the edge of a pit and killed with a submachine gun.
    He was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging, which was later commuted to life imprisonment in 1951, like SS Obergruppenführer, Führer SS Hauptamt, Gottlob Berger   .

Death and burial ground of Biberstein (born Ernst Szymanowski), Ernst Emil Heinrich.

He was released in 1958 and lived in the town of Neumunster together with the WWII Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur der 45th Volks Grenadier Division Richard Daniel  and Generalmajor der Artillerie, Commander of the 383rd Artillery Regiment, Martin Hartmann . He lived a long “happy?” life and died at the old age of 86, on 08-12-1986. Biberstein-Szymanowski is buried on the Nordfriedhof in Neumünster, close to the graves of the two Generals.

Cemetery and grave location of Biberstein (born Ernst Szymanowski), Ernst Emil Heinrich.



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