Berner, Heinrich Erhard.

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Berner, Heinrich Erhard, born on 12-09-1894 in Schellerhau, Sachsen, was a highly decorated Generalmajor in the Wehrmacht   during World War II, who commanded several divisions. On 21-08-1914, age 19, he joined the Army as a war volunteer in the Königliche Sächsische. 1. Ulanen-Regiment Nr. 17 “Kaiser Franz Joseph von Österreich“, König von Ungarn”  in Oschatz. Fighting on the Eastern Front, he participated in World War I as Platoon leader of the 106th Reserve Infantry Division until 14-12-1917 and was awarded with the Iron Cross . Ordinance Officer in the II Battalion of the same division and ends the war as commander of the III Battalion of the same 106th Division and retired from the Army on 09-12-1918, as a leutnant. He reactivated in the Army on 15-09-1934 as a Hauptmann with the 5th Infantry Regiment. Berner is the Militärattaché in Stockholm from 27-08-1939 and on 07-02-1940 assigned as Commander of the III. Battalions of the 508th Infanterie-Regiments and starts with this Regiment on the Western invasion. He lands in the Führer Reserve on 31-05-1941, but becomes the command of the 508th Infantry-Regiment and awarded with the German Golden Cross . Again in the infamous Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (see Hitler parents) until 31-03-1942, he now a Oberstleutnant, is transferred to the Army, non commissioned officer, School in Aschaffenburg.
As commander of a Regiment again, the 28th Jäger Regiment, he on 15-12-1942 is involved in the battles for Smolensk, Moscow and Leningrad. For his bravery behaviour he an Oberst, is awarded with the Iron Cross, on 18-01-1945. In Soviet captivity as a Generalmajor, on 08-05-1945, he is first released on 10-10-1955, ten years later, by intervention of the new German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer

Death and burial ground of Berner, Heinrich Erhard.

Generalmajor Erhard Heinrich Berner of the Infantry, lived until his death, on 25-07-1960, at the age of 65, in Hanover. He is buried, with his wife Hertha, on the Stadtfriedhof of Seelhorst, suburb of Hanover, close by the graves of the WW II Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Kommandeur 4th Kavallerie Division, Helmut von Gromann, Generalmajor der Panzertruppe, Fallschirm Panzer Division 1st Hermann Goering , Max Lemke and Generalleutnant der Flieger, Air Region Command 1, in Königsberg, Theodor Schubert.


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