Berka, Waldemar.

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Berka, Waldemar
Berka, Waldemar, born 03-08-1880 in Breslau, entered the Army Service, on 16-02-1899, as a Fahnenjunker in the 19th Infantry Regiment, at the age of 18. He is Inspections Officer at the War School Engers until 01-10-1909 and transferred back into the 19th Infantry Regiment to 01-10-1911 as an Oberleutnant. Hauptmann with the Staff of the 37th Fusilier Regiment to 05-08-1914. He participated in World War I as the Company Chief in the 37th Reserve Infantry Regiment and ended the war as commander of the Field Recruitment Department of the 10th Reserve Division. He was awarded with the Pour le Mérite , on 23-06-1918. Berka commander of the 8th Infantry Regiment retired 31-03-1923, as a Major, but was reactivated again on 01-09-1930, as District Director in Frauenstadt. Until 15-03-1935 he was the Border Guard Director of Upper Silesian Industrial Area, meanwhile an Oberstleutnant. With the Staff of Military District Command VIII to 01-10-1935. Director of the Branch Office Oppeln of the Military Replacement Inspection in Breslau, to 01-04-1937. From 01-04-1937 appointed to commander of Military District Command  of Neisse until 31-10-1942 and at the age of 62, Berka retired on 31-10-1942 and lived in the same town of Minden as the Generalmajor der Artillerie, Commander Militair District Düsseldorf, Fritz Crato   and Rolf Wuthmann
 a General der Artillerie and Commander Feld Artillerie Regiment 40.

Death and burial ground of Berka, Waldemar.

Waldemar Berka at the age of 84 died, on 09-04-1965 in Breslau and Generalmajor Berka is buried with his wife Käte, who died age 73 in 1982, on the Südfriedhof of Minden.

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