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Bergmann, Walter von, born 16-04-1964 in Magdeburg, served as Alexander Heinrich Rudolph von Kluck’s  Quartermaster General as First Army pushed into Belgium and swept towards the Marne. Kluck died in Berlin in 19-10-1934, age 88. From July 1915 through October 1916, Bergmann was utilized by General Max von Fabeck  as his Quartermaster or Chief of Staff, serving in succession in the First, Twelfth, and Eighth Armies. n October 1916 Max von Fabeck became seriously ill and he committed suicide on 16-12-1916, age 62, at Partenkirchen, Kingdom of Bavaria. At the end of 1916, Bergmann was transferred east to served as Chief of Staff at the newly established Military Administration Headquarters in Romania. Back to the Western Front and Vosges Mountains in February 1917, where General von Bergmann spent the next year as commander of 113th Infantry Division.   Von Bergmann was honored with the Pour le Merite  for his leadership during Germany’s 1918 Spring Offensive in the Somme area, and was later promoted to Generalleutnant. He also commanded Generalkommando zbV Nr. 66 during the last few months of the War. Following Armistice, he commanded 13th Infantry Division until October 1919. Bergmann was promoted to General der Infanterie in late 1920, after which he was placed in charge of Wehrkreis V in Stuttgart, as well as Gruppenkommando 1 in Berlin. He like, Manfred von Richthofen,  the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen was awarded with the Pour le Mérite. Von Bergmann retired on December 31, 1922 from active duty and was retired.After his passing Bergmann was appointed on 31-10-1925 chief of the 6th Infantry Regiment in Lübeck and on  20-04-1937 Chief of the Infantry Regiment 90 in Hamburg..

Death and burial ground of Bergmann, Walter von.

After the war Bergmann lived in Berlin Dahlem,where he at the age of 85 died on 07-03-1950.
Walter_von_Bergmann_(1864-1950) General Walter von Bergmann is buried on the Waldfriedhof, Huttenweg, in Berlin Dahlem. Close to his grave, is the grave of Roland Freisler the disputed jurist
, buried in the family grave of his wife Marion Rusegger, without any recognition on the stone of Freisler’s presence. Also buried there are Ulrich Schwerin von Schwanenfeld and a grave of honor for Generalmajor der Wehrmacht, Pioneer Commander, Wilhelm Runge, he is buried on the cemetery of Cherntsy


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