Becker, Fritz.

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Becker, Fritz
Becker Fritz, born 07-03-1892 in Heidberg, the son of a pastor and graduated from high school in Bad Kreuznach. Then he began studying philology. Fritz Becker was a highly decorated Generalleutnant in the Wehrmacht during World War II, who held commands at divisional and corps levels. He was also a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership.  He entered the Army Service on 29-01-1913 as a Fahnenjunker in the 69th Infantry Regiment until 29-08-1914.  On 20-05-1914, he was promoted to leutenant. As a platoon leader in the 1st Battalion, Becker was deployed at the front when the World War  broke out. There he was appointed company commander on 29-08-1914. Shortly afterwards, on September 3rd, he was wounded  in hospital inmiddiately from the beginning to 08-12-1914. Transferred as a Leutnant to the 257th Reserve Infantry Regiment until 28-07-1915. He ended World War I as an Oberleutnant and Ordinance Officer. Becker remained in the new 100.000 men of the Reichswehr,  until the beginning of World War II. Promoted to Oberstleutnant from 01-08-1936, and Oberst from 01-04-1939. As Commander of the 60th Infantry Regiment he served from 26-08-1939 until 14-05-1942. Assigned as Generalmajor now with the Senior Field Command 365 until 15-09-1942. Then as a Generalleutnant from 20-04-1943, the command of the 370th Infantry Division and landed in the Führer Reserve OKH (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) on 01-06-1944 until 03-07-1944. Went to a course for commanding Generals to 08-07-1944 and delegated with the temporary leadership of the XXXXVI Panzer Corps , to 26-07-1944, succeeding General der Infanterie Friedrich Schulz   and landed again in the Reserve of the Army Group North Ukraine and from 20-08-1944 delegated with the leadership of the XXIV Panzer Corps, to 30-09-1944. General Friedrich Schulz survived the war and died 30-11-1976, aged 79. Then commander of the 389th Infantry Division, nickname “Rheingold Division”   seize 15.000 to 25-03-1945, he succeeded General der Infanterie, Walter Hahm  as he landed in the Reserve again for four days to 29-03-1945. Walter Hahm died on his birthday, age 57, on 21-12-1951, in Heide. The 389th Infantry Division was reformed in Hungary in March 1944 and employed as part of Army Group North, under Generaloberst der Kavallerie, Georg Heinrich Lindemann
   in the Kurland Pocket, where it fought until February 1945. Then, it was redeployed to Western Prussia. In the end of the war, it was captured by Soviet forces on the Hell Peninsula. Walter Hahm died age 57, on 11-08-1951, in Heide. Wounded duo to an air attack Becker came in the hospital of Neutief to 05-04-1945, for some weeks. Received the command of Defence District Bremen and Fritz Becker was captured by British troops in 27-04-1945.

Death and burial ground of Becker, Fritz.

 After his release again interrogated to 06-01-1948, almost three years later, he lived in Herzberg and died there, at the age of 75, on 11-06-1967. Generalleutnant of the Infantry, Fritz Becker, is buried with his wife Hilde, born Koch, who died age 88 on 02-06-1995, on the local cemetery of Herzberg in the Harz.


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