Barr, David Goodwin.

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Barr, David Goodwin, born in Myrtlewood, Alabama, on 16-06-1895, attended Alabama Presbyterian College. Graduated from Command and General Staff School in 1936 and the Army War College in 1939.Commissioned in the Infantry Reserve in 1917. Saw action in France with the 18th Infantry , 1st Division, nickname  “The big Red One” , 1918-1919. With Washington Provisional Brigade from 1936 until 1938 and again from 1939 until 1940. Executive Officer to the Supply Officer, the Supply Officer of I Armoured Corps  from July 1940 until June 1942. The army made its debut in Operation Torch in November 1942 under the command of Major-General, George Smith Patton

.  Operation Torch, initially called Operation Gymnast, was the British-American invasion of French North Africa during the North African Campaign of the World War II which started on 08-11-1942  In July 1943 it was redesigned as the Seventh United States Army .Brigadier General in June 1942. Chief of Staff of the Armoured Force from June 1942 until July 1943. Chief of Staff at Headquarters of North African Theatre of Operations from January-September 1944. Major General in February 1944. Chief of Staff of Sixth Army Group   from September 1944 until July 1945. Promoted to Major General on 15-10-1944 and assigned to Chief of Personnel for Army Ground Forces from July 1945 until January 1948. He commanded the 7th Infantry Division first in Japan and then in Korea during the first 7 months of the Korean War, to include participating in the Inchon Landing and subsequent invasion of North Korea culminating with the march to the Yalu River in November 1950. He left the 7th Infantry Division, nickname “Bayonet Division”  on 26-01-1951 and became the Commanding General of the Armored Center at Fort Knox on 22-02-1951.

Death and burial ground of Barr, David Goodwin.

  On 05-04-1951, illness forced his replacement at Fort Knox and following prolonged hospitalization, he was physically retired on 29-02-1952. Decorations included the Distinguished Service Cross, three Distinguished Service Medals two Silver Stars, the Legion of Merit and Distinguished Flying Cross. David Barr died, age 75, on 26-09-1970 and is buried with his wife Louise Bell, who died age 78, on 06-05-1979, on Arlington National Cemetery in Section 1.





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