Bahn, Egmont.

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Bahn, Egmont, born on 09-08-1892 in Nieders-Hermesdorf, entered the Army, on 01-10-1913 in the 16th Huzaren Regiment . He was detached to the MG course at Rastenburg and became as Leutnant the platoon leader of the 330th Infantry Regiment. Participated in World War I and was captured by the Russians on 08-07-1917. After his escape on 08-08-1917 and returned to the the same Infantry Division. Until the Armistice he as an Oberleutnant was the platoon leader with the 1st Volunteer Squadron of the Husaren-Regiment. He remained in the new Reichswehr  and climbed the ranks to Oberst on 01-02-1940. With the general mobilization in Germany, on 26-08-1939, he takes over the command of a Battalion in the 467th Infantry-Regiment, under Generalmajor der Infanterie, Wilhelm Bleckwenn.
  After battles on the Western Front, he is transferred to the 320th Infantry Division  , under General der Infanterie, Kurt Ropke,
    and on the Eastern Front in October 1941. Heavy fighting’s in the Leningrad  and Wolchow Regions follows, until he on 07-02-1943 is pushed of into the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler)(did you know). On 23-01-1944, he is appointed to the Staff of Generalfeldmarschall, der Flieger, in Italy Albert Kesselring   and is captured by the American forces.

Death and burial ground of Bahn, Egmont.

He released on 26-02-1947, lived in Mengelbostel and died at the age of 56, on 18-01-1949. Generalmajor Egmont Bahn is buried on the cemetery of Dorfmark, close near the grave of General der Infanterie, Commander of the 73rd Infantry Division, Bruno Bieler  The division consisted of more than 10.000 soldiers, primarily of the infantry branch, with supporting  artillery. The division was not motorized, but instead relied on marching for the infantry units and horse-drawn transport for the support equipment, and General Field Marschal der Infanterie, Erich von Manstein, who died at the old age of 85, after a stroke, on 10-06-1973. Erich von Manstein  and his son Leutnant der Panzertruppe, Gero  

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