Aulock, Hubertus von.

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Aulock, Hubertus von

Aulock, Hubertus von, born 02-10-1891 in Kochelsdorf, Ober Silesian, the third son of the Prussian Leutnant Franz von Aulock (1856-1904) and his wife Anthonie, born Schoenheyder. His brother Oberst Andreas Maria Karl Aulock   became famous for his refusal to surrender the, as the commander, Fortress Saint Malo  to the Allied forces. He at last surrendered   on 17-08-1944 with 400 soldiers left. Andreas survived the war too and died age 75 on 23-06-1968 in Wiesbaden.

Hubertus von Aulock joined the Prussian Army with the Infanterie Regiment „Keith“ Nr 22 as a Fahnenjunker in the summer of 1911 and promoted to Leutnant on 19-11-1912. He was in the fields of the first war as a company leader and on 22-03-1916 promoted to Oberleutnant.

After the Armestice in Compiegne, he returned to Germany and organized with parts of his old regiment the Freikorps “von Aulock“  on 11-12-1918. His Freikorps was taken over in the new Reichswehr  as the Reichswehr Jäger Battalion 8 in 1919. Von Aulock retired from the Army Service as a Hauptmann on 14-07-1920 and later he joined the NSDAP  and became the Führer of the Motor Brigade Gross Berlin of the National Socialistic Motor Corps    in the prewar period.

In 1937 he followed a course for Division Adjudants in the Supply School in Hanover and was accepted as a Reserve Officer in the new Wehrmacht. In 1938 promoted, retroactively from 01-101931, as Hauptmann of the Reserve and appointed from 26-08-1939 as commander of the headquarters with the Corps Supply Leader 403.

On 01-10-1939 promoted to Major of the Reserves. During the Western invasions in 1940 he served as Quarter Master with the III Army Corps,under command of Generaloberst Curt Haase

which possision he had until 01-09-1940. Curt Haase died on 09-02-1943 at the age of 61 of heart disease, in Berlin.

From 19-05-1941 Hubertus was assigned as Chief of the Command Staff with the Military Commander of North-West France and from 01-07-1942 promoted to Oberstleutnant of the Reserves. Two years later on 01-08-1944 he was promoted to Oberst of the Reserves. Von Aulock was leader of the Kampfgruppe „Von Aulock“, from 15-08-1944 and  promoted to Generalmajor der Reserve on 21-08-1944. He was captured by the American forces on 02-09-1944 during the battles around Paris and imprisoned in Mons.

Death and burial ground of Aulock, Hubertus von.

  Released in December 1948 from prison, von Aulock retired in Norderstadt where he at the old age of 87, on 18-01-1979 died. He is buried with his wife Ingeborg, who died age 75 on 13-01-1989, on the cemetery Friedrichsgabe in Norderstedt, Section R. My friends Kirk and Chelsea Bissat from Canada visited the graveside and sent me kindly the grave photo’s.

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