Auffenberg-Komarów, Gustav Adolph, actually Gustav Adolph.

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Auffenberg-Komarów, Gustav Adolph, actually Gustav Adolph, born  11-07–1887 in Ölmütz, the son of the common army Hauptmann of the same name Gustav Adolph. On 27-05-1922, Character Major Adolph married his fiancée Erika (1893–1985), the daughter of k. u. k. General of the Infantry and Minister of War a. D. Moritz Friedrich Joseph Eugen Freiherr Auffenberg von Komarów. Since the General had no sons, he adopted Gustav Adolph, who from then on was called Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarów. Son Helwig (born 13-01-1923; and died 04-07-1997) was born from the marriage.

Gustav Adolph joined the Austrian army as a cadet and deputy officer on 18-08-1908. On 01-11-1911 he was born in the k.u.k. 1st Infantry Regiment promoted to leutnant. In the regiment he became company commander and later battalion commander in mid-December 1916. At the end of October 1917 he was promoted to Hauptmann. From 01-05-1920 he was company commander in the k.u.k. 2nd Infantry Regiment.

From 01-09-1920 to 1938, he served in the Austrian Armed Forces.   Here he was only major (title) on 08-07-1921, then on 01-03-1923 he was demoted to Stabshauptmann, then at the end of September 1927 he was again promoted to major (title). From 08-07-1921 he was a major in the staff of Infantry Regiment 2, then from March 1923 he was company commander in the regiment. From 01-12-1926 to 15-11-1928 he was assigned to the war archives in Vienna. On 20-01-1928, the full appointment to major was made. From November 1929 assigned to Infantry Regiment 3, he would then be promoted to company commander of the regiment at the beginning of December 1929 and in the position on 22-06-1936 to Oberleutnant. From 26-04-1937 to 13-03-1938 he was a staff officer e.g. V. at the regiment’s headquarters. He was then transferred to the Federal Ministry of Defense until the end of March 1938, where he was the Chancellor’s personal adjutant.

Taken into the Wehrmacht in March 1938, he was only employed as an officer e.g. V. Transferred to Commander-in-Chief of the Army and went to Infantry Regiment 131 of the 44th Infantry Division under command Generalleutnant Albrecht Schubert born 23-06-1886 in Glatzand died 26-11-1966 (aged 80) in Bielefeld, on 10-06-1938, the formerly k.u.k. 3rd Infantry Regiment. Here he became the commander of the 2nd Battalion at the end of the same month. In mid-November 1938 he was assigned to the staff of Infantry Regiment 20 (Regensburg). In January 1939, promoted to Oberst on 01-01-1939, he took part in the staff officer course of the XIII. Army Corps, under command of General der Kavalleriel Maximilian von Weichs,

in Regensburg. From 01-03-1939 he was in command of the III. Battalion (Passau) of the 85th Infantry Regiment with the 10th Infantry Division under command of Generalleutnant Konrad von Cochenhausen   and went from here on 26-10-1939 as a commander to the 41st Infantry Regiment (Amberg), also with the 10th Infantry Division. In mid-October 1940 he took command of the 453 Infantry Regiment of the 253rd Infantry Division  until it was converted into a Grenadier Regiment. On 20-03-1942, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold. With his promotion to Generalmajor in early September 1942, he was in command of the 285th Security Division until the end of July 1944. Under his leadership, the division was deployed against partisans in the rear of the army and was broken up during the 1944 summer offensive. On 01-09-1943, he was promoted to Generalleutnant in this position. He came into the Führerreserve. From mid-August 1944 until the beginning of September 1944 he was on the deployment staff of the Döllersheim infantry division and came back to the Führerreserve. From mid-December 1944 he was in command of the Niederdonau fortress section and was taken prisoner of war on 05-05-1945. He was released from captivity on 26-09-1946 and then lived in Vienna.

Gustav Adolph married Erika Maria Josephine Henriette Baronin von Auffenberg (1892–1985), a daughter of Moritz von Auffenberg, a General in the Austro-Hungarian army and minister of war in 1922. After the marriage, Gustav Adolph was allowed to use the surname Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarów from 19–02-1923, following a decision by the Vienna City Council. Her son Helwig Adolph (* 1923) became a military historian.

Death and burial ground of Auffenberg-Komarów, Gustav Adolph.

Retiring in Vienna, Gustav Adolph Auffenberg-Komarów, Gustav Adolph died on 08-02-1967, age 79, and is buried at the Hietzinger Friedhof in Vienna.

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