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Allen, Frank Albert Jr. born in Cleveland, Ohio, on 19-06-1896, attended Kenyon College 1914-1917. Commissioned in the Infantry Reserve in August 1917. With the 77th Field Artillery in France during World War I, participating in the Aisne-Marne, St. Michael and Meuse-Argonne offensives. Professor of military science and tactics at Norwich University1921 – 1923. Aide to Major General Dennis E Nolan

42357283_125390684777 from April 1926 – July 1933. Nolan died age 83, on 02-02-1956. Graduated from Command and General Staff School in 1936 and the Army War College in 1940. Battalion and Regimental Commander in 5th Armored Division October 1941 – August 1942. Commander of Combat Command “A” in 9th Armored Division August 1942 – June 1943. Brigadier General in September 1942. Commander of Combat Command “B” under Major General Ernst Harmon in North Africa June 1943-July 1944. Chief of Public Relations at General Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower‘s  headquarters September 1944 – July 1945. Commanding General of 3rd Armored Division File:3rd US Armored Division SSI.svg July 1945 – November 1945. The division began a thrust into the Rhineland of Germany on 07-02-1945. On 31 March, the commander of the division, then Major General Maurice Rose, famed as one of few Commanding Generals to frequent the front lines during combat, rounded a corner in his jeep and found himself face to face with a German tank. As he withdrew his pistol to surrender, a young German tank commander, apparently misunderstanding Rose’s intentions, shot the General.
  Allen retired from the Service in November 1956. Decorations included the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, three Silver Stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross, two and two purple Hearts.

Death and burial ground of Allen, Frank Albert Jr.

Brigade General, Frank Allen, died on 20-11-1979, age 83 in Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA, and is buried with his wife Ellen, who died age 74, on 06-09-1972, on the Arlington National Cemetery in Section 4 . Close by in Section 4, the grave of the 3* Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff, 1 Army, William Benjamin Kean Jr. and 4* Navy Admiral, Civil Engineer Corps. Father of the “Seabees” File:USN-Seabees-Insignia.svg , Ben Moreell  , the Flyer Ace Marion Carl Major General, Commander 22nd Regiment on D-Day, Charles “Buck” Lanham and General, Commander Army Ground Forces, Ben “Yohoo” Lear.

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