Lommel German war cemetery, 32.102 graves, 6.221 unknown.


Lommel German war cemetery is located at Kattenbos in the municipality of Lommel, Belgium. It is the largest German military cemetery in Western Europe outside Germany itself. Established after World War II, the 16 ha cemetery holds 39,102 burials, mainly from World War II


In 1946 and 1947, the American Battle Monuments Commission transferred the remains of fallen German soldiers which were provisionally buried at Henri Chapelle, Fosse, Overrepen and Neuville en Condroz to Lommel. In 1952 to cemetery was transferred to the German War Graves Commission. The casualties from World War II mainly died during the following campaigns: Battle of Belgium (May 1940), Battle of Aachen (October 1944), Battle of Hürtgen Forest (September 1944-February 1945), Battle of the Bulge (December 1944-January 1945) and the Battle of the Remagen bridgehead (March 1945)

Besides 38,560 casualties from World War II, 6,221 of whom are unidentified, there are also 542 casualties from World War I buried at the cemetery. These casualties were previously interred in Leopoldsburg.



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