Friedrich Dollmann the last front General.


On June 6, 1944, the carefully planned invasion of the Allies, carried out with superior forces on men and material, began under the command of the American General Dwight Delano Eisenhower   in the Normandy, which initiated the German defeat in the West and thus – as did Stalingrad in the East – The decisive turn to the final disadvantage of the German Reich was given to the entire war. Already by mid-July 1944, the German losses during the heavy invasion fights amounted to about 97,000 men, including 2360 officers, 28 generals and 334 commanders.This corresponds to average daily losses of 2,500 to 3,000 fallen, wounded or captured German soldiers, while in the same period only 6,000 men could be replaced by the German Western Front. One of the dead generals was the commander-in-chief of the 7th Army, Generaloberst Friedrich Dollmann who succumbed to a heartbeat on his command post on 27-06-1944; a deserved man of the older Generals generation, who had brought it even before Adolf Hitler’s seizure of power to the general, at the outbreak of war with more than forty military service years was the senior commanding General of the German Wehrmacht and since 1939 at the head of the deployed in the West 7th Army.

Dr. Hans Speidel at that time Chief of Staff of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, characterized Generaloberst Friedrich Dollmann as thoroughly trained in old General Staff and leadership positions, but also as a man severely injured and severely mortified by the Hitler methods, and Hitler’s Army Group B, Field Marshal Rommel, had failed.



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