Ernst Hermann Himmler, the third brother.


Ernst Hermann Himmler was born on 23 December 1905 in Munich, the third and youngest son of a headmaster (Oberstudiendirektor), Joseph Gebhard Himmler (born 17 May 1865     in Lindau; died 29 October 1936 in Munich), and Anna Maria Heyder (born 16 January 1866 in Bregenz; died 10 September 1941 in Munich). His siblings were SS Reihsführer Heinrich Himmler  (born 7 October 1900 in Munich; died 23 May 1945 in Lüneburg) and Gebhard Ludwig Himmler  (born 29 July 1898 in Munich; died 1982 in Munich).  Ernst with his wife Getrud Paula Melters. born 29-03-105 in Dinslaken. Paula called Heinrich Himmler “Dear Heini”  who gave her brother Walter a good position in the SS.

Ernst Himmler completed his university course in electrical engineering in 1928. He joined the Nazi Party  on 1 November 1931 (member no. 676,777). In 1933, he joined the SS, and with Heinrich’s help, he got a job with the Berlin radio. Ernst got through Heinrich and with the help of Klaus Hubmann, who worked secretly for the SS since 1932, a good position wth the radio company. There he soon became Hubmann’s right hand. Together they went on mission, like here , presumably in 1938, to the Königsberg studio, where a trip to Kurs spit was made. Together, Hubmann and Ernst Himmler organized the flawless broadcast of the Nuremberg party days, the 1936 Olympic Games  and the Anschluss of the Sudeten after invading Czechoslovakia. Hubmann, a fiery national socialist, was fired by Propaganda Josef Goebbels in the summer of 1942, Ernst, his unofficial successor, apparently dismissed Hubmann’s resignation as a warning. The contact with the Hubmann family was broken in any case. He quickly became director within the Reich broadcasting organization. On several occasions, Ernst supplied Heinrich with internal information from the broadcasting world. He ultimately reached the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer in 1939. Ernst Himmler died with the Volkssturm  during fierce fighting in Berlin von 02-05-1945, age 44. 

Ernst Himmler was the grandfather of author Katrin Himmler . Katrin Himmler’s book Die Brüder Himmler: Eine deutsche Familiengeschichte was published in 2005 in Germany by S. Fischer Verlag and in English as The Himmler Brothers: A German Family History.

When Katrin observes the hallways of her grandfather Ernst, she strikes a much deeper entanglement of the Himmler’s brothers with Nazism. As early party supporters not only benefit from the new relationships after 1933, they also supported the Nazi regime. They were friends with high SS officers, Ernst refused to protect a half-Jewish colleague from the radio and Gebhard changed the entry date of his membership at the NSDAP, so he allegedly belonged to the members of the first hour. Where is the separation between perpetrators and profiteers.




  1. Brian Hemselmeier


    This is very interesting I think I found my deceased friend Mindy Thimler grandpa. She had told me who her great uncle was and how the family (her branch) had “dropped an M and added a T to somewhat keep their name and also disguise it. I am not totally sure I’ve yet to see a photograph but all three of Gebhart’s children were girls. The name change I had her daughter (I’ll leave her nameless) she dug a little into a genealogy site and pinpointed the name change.

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