Eight women close to Hitler attempted suicide.


Eight women, all the same types, that are thought, possibly, to have been intimate with Hitler, attempted suicide:

Maria ” Mimi” Reiter   his first love, the thirty-seven-year-old Adolf became infatuated with Mitzi, a sixteen-year-old Munich shop girl. He proposed marriage but said his “duty and mission” consumed him and she would have to wait for him.She tried to hang herself in 1928 in Berchtesgaden with a clothesline as Hitler ended the relation suspected from sex with an underage girl, She had another tryst with Hitler in 1931, about which she said, “I let everything happen. I had never been so happy as I was that night”. He asked her to be his mistress and replace Eva Braun, but she insisted on marriage and the two parted.

Angelika “Geli” Raubal,  Hitler’s nice, in 1931 begged her possessive uncle to allow her to leave Munich and go to Vienna to study, and they had a terrible row. Hitler left Munich and she shot herself with Hitler’s Walter PPK 7.65 pistol in his study.

Eva  Braun tried twice to suicide in 1932 and 1935 before succeeding in 1945, Lonely and disappointed of the endless waiting, Eva Braun first attempted suicide on 01-02-1932 at the age of 20 by shooting herself in the neck with her father’s pistol. The bullet almost hit her artery, but she recovered. She even could make a phonecall directly after and was zo smart to call Dr. Wilhelm Plate, a brother in law of Heinrich Hoffmann and Hitler soon knew what was going on, Eva had speculated well. She attempted suicide a second time on 28-05-1935 by taking an overdose of Phanodorm, 20 pills, her sister Ilse found her unconcious. Married to Hitler in April 1945 she bit into a pill of cyanide and he shot himself with the same PPK 7.65 that had killed his niece.
Frau Inge Ley,

Inga_in_lobby    Iley15 a dancer, actress and socialite and the wife of volatile alcoholic Robert Ley, the director of the Strength Though Joy Program.KDF. Inga was said to be infatuated with Hitler for a time. One evening, she escaped from her domineering husband and appeared at Hitler’s door. Whether the two became lovers is unknown, but she eventually returned to her husband. Later in her life she survived a difficult childbirth, but seems to have been saddled with a consuming depression and took her own life with a pistol in 1942.

Renaté Müller , a siren of German films, held Hitler’s fascination for a time. He said she was the epitome of the blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan. Friends said she didn’t return the man’s affections. Hitler pressured her to make propaganda films. Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels intensified the pressure and had her hounded by the Gestapo. After two agents arrived at her building she either threw herself from her window or was pushed. No one will ever know. Renate Müller was cremated in Wilmersdorf Krematorium and buried on the Parkfriedhof Lichterfelde, Berlin, Steglitz.

Erna Hanfstaengl lovers_suicide21-150x150 sister of Hitler favorite Ernst Hanfstaegl may have been his next infatuation. Immediately following his 1923 botched coup d’état (the Beer Hall Putsch), Hitler was spirited away in a car and hidden from authorities at a country house owned by the well-connected Hanfstaengl Family. There, Erna Hanfstaengl cared for him. She repeatedly talked him out of taking his own life as he sat on the edge of a bed toying with a revolver. Whether they ever had a romantic involvement can be doubted. While her society friends would later tease her about her new “suitor”, she was most probably out of his league. Both she and her brother later became disillusioned with Hitler and the Nazi Party. Her brother defected to the US, eventually to become an advisor to FDR on the Nazis, and Erna conspired with Heinrich Himmler to kidnap Hitler and negotiate a peace with the British from Paris. Obviously nothing came of the plot.

Martha Dodd marthaportrait_000 was the daughter of William Dodd, the American Ambassador to Germany. She may have had the most bizarre life story of any of Hitler’s possible lovers. While living in Berlin, she became infatuated with Hitler and the Nazi Party. One of her lovers, Ernst Hanfstaengl the brother of Erna mentioned above), encouraged a romantic relationship between Dodd and Hitler, but it seems little came of it. She became disillusioned with the party after the carnage of the “Night of the Long Knives” and attempted suicide by slitting her wrists. Upon returning to Washington, Martha did a political about-face, joined the radical left, and using her access to her father and other government officials, became a spy for the Soviet Union. She died in Prague in 1990.

Unity Mitford , an English debutante and ardent supporter of the British fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley and his Black Shirts, spent ten months stalking Adolf Hitler in Munich. Hitler, always of predictable habits, frequented the Osteria Bavaria Café. attempted suicide in 1939. In 1939, when war with Britain was declared, Unity went to the Englisher Garden, Munich’s huge urban park, and shot herself in the head with a pearl-handled pistol given to her by Hitler for her protection. She survived the suicide attempt and it was not until 1948 that she died in the UK from complications caused by the bullet still lodged in her skull.




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