Crimes against children in Poland


Roll-call for 8-year-old girls at the child labour camp in Dzierżązna, set up as a sub-camp of the concentration camp for Polish children, adjacent to the Łódź GhettoSee also: Kidnapping of Polish children by Nazi Germany 

At least 200,000 children in occupied Poland were kidnapped by the Nazis to be subjected to forcible Germanization. These children were screened for “racially valuable traits” and sent to special homes to be Germanized. After racial tests, those deemed suitable, were then placed for adoption if the Germanization was effective, while children who failed the tests were mass murdered in medical experiments, concentration camps or sent to slave labor. After the war many of the kidnapped children found by Allied forces after the war, had been utterly convinced that they were German.

Children of forced workers were mistreated in Ausländerkinder-Pflegestätte, foster homes, where thousands of them died. A camp for children and teenagers, Polen-Jugendverwahrlager der Sicherheitspolizei in Litzmannstadt ran from 1943–44 in Lódz.