Adolf Eichmann killed a Jewish baby personal.


A man, a rabbi, lived in Philadelphia after the war, accused  Adolf Eichmann   of a personal murder of a seven-month baby. This rabbi, a former member of the Central Jewish Committee, whose identity was kept secret, had to report to Eichmann’s room. A room with huge dimensions was Eichmann’s office..
He was sitting behind a great big mahogany desk and the portrait of Adolf Hitler hung behind him on the wall. Two soldiers stood at each door. Eichmann gave orders to the SS’er who stood before him. He shouted another command against one of the waiting soldiers at the door, opening him. Five soldiers brought in two boys. The one was thirteen years old and the other about eight. Another soldier came in through another door and carried a little seven month baby on the arm who cried softly. The baby and the boys looked like they had not had a proper meal in a few months.
Eichmann turned to the rabbi and said, “After this day you will recognize me.” when he gave one of the SS’ers the command to ‘teach these Jews a lesson’.
The rabbit had no idea what Eichmann meant, later he heard that the two boys had hit one of the soldiers when he had given an old woman a blow with his gun.
The two boys were silently waiting for their fate. One of the SS’ers took the cigarette out of his mouth and walked on the eight year old. Two other SS’ers grabbed the boy and spread his hand on the desk.
The first SS’er then held the burning part of the cigarette against the boy’s hand and the stench of burning meat filled the sky. The boy shouted, but the cigarette was firmly pushed,
The boy shook his head back and forth and the muscles of his face buckled from the pain. About three minutes later, the child fell faint. The cigarette was removed and the boy was carried out of the room by one of the soldiers. The other boy tried to get rid of himself but was held firmly by his guards.
One of the SS’ers got a big cigar lighter on Eichmann’s desk and held a thick long needle over the flame until this needle was red hot. Then he walked to the thirteen-year-old boy and pushed him into the eye. The child did not lose consciousness, but was shouting led away.
Eichmann leaned back in his big leather chair and smiled satisfied. “You will not forget me anymore,” he said gently. “Do not worry, we will not do anything to you. Finally, you are an important Jew, “he added mockingly..
Then Eichmann called another SS’er and pointed to the crying baby. The SS’er went to the child, looked dizzying and took a step backwards. “I’m sorry,” he said to Eichmann, “I can not. It’s just a baby … .. ‘.
Eichmann became red of anger. “Immediately report to your captain.” When the SS’er stepped to the door, Eichmann said, “But wait first. You have to learn to be not week. After all, it’s only a Jew. ”
Eichmann stood up, hooked the Luger out of his torch and walked smiling on the child. He turned to me and said, “Look good – I will never forget you, important Jew.” He pushed the gun to the head of the child and left the tractor without hesitation.
“That is the way to do it.” He looked at the SS’er. “Go to your captain now. I will let you do a few things that will steal your nerves. He had kept the gun so close to the child’s head that blood was splashed up. When he noticed this, he shouted to one of the SS’ers, “Clean it” – pointing to the blood that covered the floor: “and clean this mess.”
Then he turned to rabbi and said, “The flesh of that child is food for the dogs, and the bones will be ground to make soap and fertilizer.”
The rabbi managed to loosen his guards and flew on Eichmann. As a cat, he grabbed another gun that lay on his desk and gave the rabbi a huge blow on his head. The rabbi was taken away, brought to a car and sent to Auschwitz.
You’re doing well in your new home, “said one of the men sitting next to him. You will not be lonely – your wife and children left an hour ago.
Later he noticed that he was right. It was not long for his wife, his son and his daughter to serve the ovens of the Auschwitz concentration camp for food.
The rabbi had written Premier David Ben Goerion and offered to testify to Eichmann’s trial: to see this murderer again in the face and say, “This important Jew will never forget you again.



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