800.000 Austrians were drafted into the German army after the Annexation in 1938.


Austria and Vienna survived the war undamaged and Austrian people after the war “decided” not to talk about the war anymore, no guild and only Germany was blamed. But on an individual level, however, some 800.000 Austrians were drafted into the army (the German Wehrmacht) after the Annexation in March 1938 , and another 150.000 served in the Waffen SS Afbeeldingsresultaat voor waffen ss logo, an elite Nazi military unit, even more fanatic and aggressive as their German colleagues. Austrians who rose to high rank in the German Army in WW2 include: Generalfeldmarschal Eduard von Böhm-Ermolli (honorary), SS-Obergruppenführer Ernst Kaltenbrunner, General der Panzertruppe Alfred Ritter von Hubicki, SS-Obergruppenführer Odilo Globocnik, SS Obergruppenführer Hanns Rauter rauter He was the highest SS and Police Leader in the occupied Netherlands and therefore the leading security and police officer there during the period of 1940–1945. He reported directly to the Nazi SS-chief, Heinrich Himmler, and in the second instance to the Nazi governor of the Netherlands, also an Austrian Arthur Seyss-Inquartmissfuehrer:</p><br /><br /> <p>Adolf Hitler &amp; Arthur Seyss-Inquart</p><br /><br /> <p>Why is it everytime Hitler meet Seyys-Inquart face to face both of them look like o_o

Rauter was handed over to the Dutch government by the British has tried by a special court in The Haque. Rauter denied committing war crime, see Rauter attack,  but the court found him guilty and sentenced him to death. The death sentence was confirmed by a higher court on 12 January 1949 and he was executed by firing squad near Scheveningen on 24 March 1949. The location of his grave remains a state secret.

Further Generaloberst Alexander Löhr  (Luftwaffe), General der Gebirgstruppe Franz Böhme  and Generaloberst Dr. Lothar Rendulic. Austrian people, in 1938 Austria had 7 million inhabitants, voted 99.9% for Hitler as the Great Führer, and many were real war criminals. Franz Böhme had upped the ante of retaliatory strikes against Serbs, killing a hundred Serbs for every German killed, and fifty for every German wounded; this resulted in the massacre of thousands of civilians. When his extradition to Yugoslavia seemed imminent, Böhme committed suicide on 29-05-1947, age 62, by jumping from the 4th story of the prison in which he was being held. His body was interred at St. Leonhard-Friedhof in Graz

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Number One, Adolf Hitler was an Austrian son and a dictator who started a crazy war, in which would die a number of 55 million people.

Within the first 6 months of German occupation, about 45,000 Jews attempted to emigrate from Austria, but not all of the neighboring nations welcomed them; after the neighboring nations had complained to Germany of the unwelcomed influx of refugees, Germany recalled all Jewish passports on 5 Oct 1938. From the 950.000 soldiers in the Nazi German Army, a ten pro cent of the total population, 261.000  died in battle and 123.700 civilians and Jewish people didn’t survive the war.