Japananese military use of child soldiers on Okinawa.


In Okinawa island, middle school boys were organized into front-line-service Tekketsu Kinnōtai, while Himeyurt students were organized into a nursing unit.


The Japanese Imperial Army  mobilized 1,780 middle school boys aged 14–17 years into front-line-service. They were named “Tekketsu Kinnōtai”, Iron and Blood Imperial Corps). This mobilization was conducted by the ordinance of the Ministry of Army, not by law. The ordinances mobilized the student as a volunteer soldier for form’s sake. In reality, the military authorities ordered schools to force almost all students to “volunteer” as soldiers. Sometimes they counterfeited the necessary documents. About half of Tekketsu Kinnōtai were killed, including in suicide bomb attacks against tanks, and in guerrilla operations. 
After losing the Battle of Okinawa, the Japanese government enacted new laws in preparation for the decisive battles in the main islands. These laws made it possible for boys aged 15 or older and girls aged 17 or older to be drafted into front-line-service.
The last defenders of Nazi Berlin were most fanatic child soldiers