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  • Schaub, Julius
  • Adjudant of Hitler, SS Obergruppeführer. 

  • 20-08-1998, M√ľnchen, Bavaria.
  • Germany.
  • 27-12-1967, age 69, Munich.
  • München, Ostfriedhof, St Martins Platz 1. Plot 7-Reihe 6-Grab 19. 


Schaub, Julius
    Julius Schaub, born 20-08-1898 in Munich, Germany, joined the Nazi Party in October of 1920, as its 81st member. In November 1923, he participated in the 1923 Munich Putsch, Hitler's failed attempt to take power in Bavaria, when the Nazi Party later came to power, they awarded the Blood Order to each participant in the Munich Putsch, it becomes one of the Nazi Party's top awards. As a personal Aide to SA Group Leader Wilhelm Brückner, Schaub had access to the early years of the Nazi Party hierarchy and especially to Adolf Hitler (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know). Wilhelm Brückner, Brückner died age 69, on 18-08-1954, in Herbstdorf, became Adjutant to Hitler in 1930, but ten years later, in October 1940, he was fired for having an argument with Hitler's house manager, Albrecht Kannenberg, he died age 63, on 26-01-1963.
  Cultural activities.  
     Brückner   Winifried Wagner.                                            Hitler with Kannenberg. 
After Brückner's dismissal from the Nazi inner circle, Brückner's aide, Julius Schaub, was appointed to become Hitler's personal Adjutant. While highly intelligent and extremely loyal to Hitler and the principles of the Nazi Party, Schaub was never considered an intellectual, and most of the Nazi's top inner circle thought that they could control him. But his devoted loyalty to Hitler assured him his position and it is from him that much of the knowledge of Hitler's psychological condition during the last years of World War II is known. Schaub also provided much information of the inner workings of the top leaders of the Nazi Party during the war years. On 22-04-1945, Hitler ordered Schaub to leave the Berlin bunker
     and go to Hitler's home in Obersalzberg to destroy all of Hitler's personal records and documents, an order he obeyed. At the end of the war, Schaub was arrested by the American Army near Berchtesgaden, and was interned until 1949. During this time, he was investigated for war crimes, but was never taken to trail since he never actually participated in any war crimes, and eventually he was released. After his release, he operated a pharmacy in Munich, until his death on 27-12-1967, age 69        Julius Schaub is buried on the Ostfriedhof of Munich and close by the graves of of Hitler’s WWI sergeant Max Amann (see Amann), Nazi doctor SS Obergruppenführer, Karl Gebhardt (see Gebhardt)
    Generalmajor der Kavallerie, Rudolf von Gersdorff (see Gersdorff), he wanted to blow himself together with Hitler, SS Gruppenführer, stayed in the Führerbunker till the end,  Johan Rattenhuber (see Rattenhuber), Nazi Banker, Hjalmar Schacht (see Schacht), SA leader, August Schneidhuber (see Schneidhuber) victim of the Night of the long Knives, Hitler’s oldest secretary, Johanna Wolf (see Wolf), flyer ace, General der Flieger, Kommandeur ./N.J.G.1Nachtjagd badge.svg     , Werner Streib (see Streib), SS Brigadeführer in charge of the SS and Police in the defence section of Metz,, er, Anton Dunckern (see Dunckern)  and Hitler’s secretary,   Christa Schroeder (see Schroeder).