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  • Keitel, Bodewin
  • General der Infanterie, XX Wehrkreis. Kommandeur XX Heeresgruppe. 

  • 25-12-1888, Helmscherode, near Bad Gandersheim.
  • Germany.
  • 27-07-1953, age 64, Göttingen.
  • Bad Gandersheim, Family Cemetery.



Keitel, Bodewin
Bodewin Keitel, born 25-12-1888 in Helmscherode, near Bad Gandersheim, as a son of the landowner Carl Keitel and Mrs. Apollonia Vissering. He entered the Army Service as a Fahnenjuncker in the 10th Jäger Regiment, on 23-02-1909, age 20. He was in the fields of the first war and ended the war detached as Battery Leader to the 242nd Field Artillery Regiment. Although he was still a captain, he took over the command of the 3rd Battalion of the 32nd Infantry Division on 06-11-1918, until December of the same year. Bodewin remained in the new Reichswehr and at the begin of World War II he was already a Major General and Chief of Army Personnel Office OKW, to 01-10-1942, thanks to his brother Wilhelm. He then had Granded Leave until 28-03-1943, his adjutant was General der Infanterie, Rudolf Schmundt (see Schmundt)  
          . On 01-03-193 he became the commanding General of the XX. Army Corps , As a liaison officer in the military District Lieutenant Colonel Hasso von Boehmer for this time, was won by his friend Henning von Tresckow (von Tresckow), the military resistance around the brothers Stauffenberg (see Stauffenberg). On the day of the bomb attempt July 20th 1944 Keitel was on an inspection tour in his command area. As his first officer (Ia) received a telex from the citizen of Berlin that the conspirators received the Bendlerblock,
         headquarters and arranged the first steps from Boehmer. When Keitel experienced over the broadcast of the failed notice, he returned immediately from Danzig and Boehmer was arrested, he was executed age 49, on 05-03-1945 in the Plötzensee prison.
    Hasso von Boehmer.
When the assassination attempt deceased Keitels successor in the office for army personnel was Rudolf Schmundt., As a General of the Infantry, Commander in the Military District XX in Danzig to 15-10-1944. He landed in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) to 09-01-1945. Detached for briefing as Inspector of Welfare and Provisions Matters until 01-04-1945. Successively he was Inspector of Welfare and Provisions Matters, until 03-05-1945 and U.S captivity until 17-04-1947. He was the brother of the General Field Marschal der Artillerie, Wilhelm Keitel (see Wilhelm Keitel),   the boss of Supreme Command of the Armed Forces OKW. Bodewin Keitel was released from prison on 17-04-1947 and retired in Göttingen, where he at the age of 64 died, on 25-12-1988 and is buried with his wife Ilse, born Roth, who died age 88 on 30-08-1981, in the family, country side, grave of the Keitel’s in Bad Gandersheim, next to the grave of honor for his brother Wilhelm.