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Otto Maximillian

  • Hitzfeld, Otto Maximillian
  • General der Infanterie. Kommandeur der LXVII Heeresgruppe. 

  • 07-05-1898, Schluchsee-Blasiwald.
  • Germany.
  • 06-12-1990, old age 92, Dossenheim.
  • Dossenheim, Stadtfriedhof. Feld 5-Randreihe-Grab 99/100. 


Hitzfeld, Otto Maximillian
Otto-Maximilian Hitzfeld, born 07-05-1898 in Schluchsee, Blasiwald, joined the Army Service, on 18-01-1915, as a war volunteer in the Replacement Battalion of the 7th Badischen Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 142, in Mühlheim. He, age 16, became a Fahnenjunker in April 1915 and in July 1915 transferred to the front. He received both the Iron Crosses and was allowed in the new Reichswehr after the war. On 01-08-1939, age 41, promoted to Oberstleutnant with the command of the III Battalion of the 158th Infantry Regiment. With this Regiment he participated in the Western war, then appointed to commander of the 593rd Infantry Regiment on 15-11-1940 and in July 1941 as commander of the 213th Infantry Regiment on the Eastern Front. He was fighting heavy battles on the Krim   and was awarded with the Iron Cross of the Iron Cross on 30-10-1941. Promoted to Oberst on 01-01-1942, he received the Oak Leaves. Hitzfeld was wounded for the fifth time near Krasnodar, on 15-08-1942 and got the Wounded Medal in Gold. Recovered on 19-01-1943, he became Commander of the 102nd Infantry Division Divisionszeichen der 102. ID.jpg , he succeeded Generaloberst der Infanterie, Oberbefehlhaber Armee Abteilung Narwa , Johannes Friessner (see Friessner
     . On 01-04-1943 was promoted to Major General and in November 1943 to Lieutenant General and lost his command to Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 558th Volksgrenadier-Division , Werner von Bercken (see Bercken). He now was appointed to commander of the Infantry School in Döberitz until 01-11-1944 and again commander of the LXVII Army Corps, General der Infanterie, (see Friedrich Schack). His last command was of the 11th Army and he declared the town of Göttingen, full of refugees, as a free city. He landed in U.S captivity on 19-04-1945 and released on 12-05-1947. Retiring in Dossenheim Hitzfeld died at the very old age of 92, on 06-02-1990 and is buried with his wife Elfy Tonia, born Saurer, who died age 64 on 02-05-1977, on the Stadtfriedhof of Dossenheim.