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  • Heydenreich, Leopold
  • Generalmajor der Flieger. Chief of Office Group 1. 

  • 05-01-1890, Powarben, East Prussia.
  • Germany.
  • 07-06-1971, old age, 81, Goslar.
  • Goslar, Friedhof Feldstrasse. Feld 2-Grab 261. 

Heydenreich, Leopold
Leopold Heydenreich, born 05-01-1890 in Powarden, East Prussia, entered the Army, age 21, on 18-02-1911, in the 72nd Field Artillery Regiment as a Fahnenjunker. He was in the fields of the first war and retired on 31-08-1924. He joined the German Commercial Flying school on15-01-1925. Heydenriech entered Goering's (see Hermann Goering) (did you know) Luftwaffe on 01-06-1934, age 44, as a Supplement Officer and Advisor, then Group leader in the Luftwaffe Personnel Office until 30-04-1942. Department Chief in the Luftwaffe Personnel Office to 31-10-1943 and in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) until  21-11-1943. The Führerreserve (“Officers Reserve”) was set up in 1939 as a pool of temporarily unoccupied high military officers waiting for new assignments in the German Armed Forces during World War II. The various military branches and army groups each had their own pool which they could use as they saw fit. The officers were required to remain at their assigned stations and be available to their superiors, but could not exercise any command function, which was equivalent to a temporary retirement while retaining their previous income. Especially in the second half of the war, more and more politically problematic, troublesome, or militarily incompetent officers were assigned to the Führerreserve. . Heydenreich was appointed as Chief of Office Group for Air Transportation RLM until 14-07-1944.   Then Chief of Office Group I, Civilian Personnel, in Luftwaffe Military Office to 20-04-1945. He again landed in the Führer Reserve to Mai 1945 and retired from the Army. Heydenreich not a battlefield General lived in Goslar after the war and died at the old age of 81, on 07-06-1971 and is buried with his wife Jenney, born Osterroht, who died age 84, on 15-02-1976, on the cemetery Feldstrasse in Goslar. Close by the graves of General der Flieger, Kommodore S.K.G. 2 "Immelmann"  , August Storp (see Storp)
      , General der Infanterie, Kommandeur der XXXII Heeresgruppe , Friedrich Schack (see Schack) and Waffen SS Generaloberst, Kommandeur der 7th Heeresgruppe , Hermann Hoth (see Hoth), this grave is meanwhile removed.