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  • Geitner, Herbert
  • General Lieutenant der Infanterie, Commander 259th Infantry Division.

  • 25-01-1888, Berlin.
  • Germany.
  • 22-01-1942, war wounds, age 53, Freiburg, Breisgau.
  • Invaliden Friedhof in Berlin.

  • Deutsches Kreuz in Gold 

Geitner, Herbert

Herbert Geitner, born 25-01-1888 in Berlin, entered the Army age 18 on 22-03-1906 as a Fähnrich, after his training in the Cadet Corps. He joined the 3rd Brandenburgisches Infanterie-Regiment "Graf Tauentzien" Nr. 20. After finishing the war school he became a Lieutenant on 16-08-1907 and was on the battlefields of the first war. Promoted to Oberleutnant in January 1915 and on 25-11-1916 to Hauptmann and in the General Staff in 1917. Transferred to the Prussian War Ministry in spring of 1918 and allowed in the new Reichswehr. He became an Oberst on 01-10-1936 and assigned as commander of the 75th Infantry Regiment on 01-04-1938. On 01-08-1939 he became a Major General and involved with his regiment in the battles on the Western Front. He was appointed as commander of the new 295th Infantry Division in February 1940 and on the battlefields on the Eastern Front in the south of Russia. As a Lieutenant General from 01-08-1941 he on 08-12-1941 was severely wounded near Artemowsk and had to give up his position. He received the Golden Cross in Gold on 10-12-1942 for his earlier bravery, but didn’t survive his heavy wounds and died in hospital in Freiburg, Breisgrau on 22-01-1942. Geitner is buried in Berlin, Südwest Cemetery, Stahnsdorf.