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  • Gause, Alfred
  • Generalleutnant der Panzertruppe. Kommandeur II Korps. 

  • 14-12-1896, Königsberg, Preussen.
  • Germany.
  • 30-09-1967, age 71, Bonn.
  • Bonn, Friedhof Poppelsdorf. Abt XXVIII-Grab 300/301.  


Gause, Alfred
Alfred Gause, born 14-12-1896 in Königsberg, Prussia, File:Königsberg Castle.jpg joined the Army Service, age 17, on 14-03-1914, as a Fahnenjunker in the Samländisches Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 18. He was in the fields of the first war with this Regiment and was awarded with both the Iron Crosses. Gause remained in the new Reichswehr and with the outbreak of World War II he as a Oberst and commander of the X Army Corps was on the Western Front. In 1940 he landed in the Führer Reserve and on 01-10-1940 he was Chief of Staff of the XXXVIII Army Corps, under Generalfeldmarschall der Infanterie, Oberbefehlhaber Heeresgruppe Sud,  Erich von Manstein (see Manstein)
     . He again landed in the Reserve, promoted to Major General on 01-06-1941 and assigned as Communication Officer in the Italian High Command. Transferred to Africa, on 01-09-1941, as Chief of the General Staff of the Panzergruppe Africa, under Field Marshall of the Panzer Troops, Erwin Rommel (see Rommel).   He was awarded with the Ritterkreuz and in January 1942 Chief of the General Staff of the Africa Panzer Army  DAK.svg . Casualties, Free French: 16.000 killed, wounded or captured. British Empire: 53.000 Killed, Wounded, or Captured. United States: 2.715 killed, 8.978 wounded, 6.528 missing. Germany: 12.808 killed, Unknown wounded 101.784 + captured, Total Axis: 950.000 total casualties, 8.000 aircraft destroyed or captured, 6.200 guns destroyed or captured 2.500 tanks destroyed or captured. Gause landed again in the Reserve and assigned as Chief of the General Staff of Army Group Africa and promoted to Lieutenant General, on 01-04-1943. In Mai 1943 he was transferred to Europe and again temporary in the Reserve and becomes General Staff Officer with Erwin Rommel. Added to the Staff of the Army Group B, under Generalfeldmarschall der Kavallerie, Maximillian von Weichs (see Weichs) released in April 1944, in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know).    Half June 1944 he succeeded Generalmajor der Infanterie, Chef der ST Panzergruppe West , Ritter und Edler von Dawans (see Dawans) as commander of the Panzer Group West and in August Chief of the General Staff of the 6th Army Corps 6th Army Logo.svg  under General der Infanterie, Commander XXX Armee Corps , Fretter Pico, (see Fretter Pico) he died old age 92, on 04-04-1984. Gause lost his command and landed in the infamous Reserve and was sent to the course of commanding Generals. From 05-04-1945 he was commander of the Generalkommando II Armeekorps in Kurland. After the capitulation with his Army Corps, he was in Soviet captivity until Autumn of 1955, and released by intervention of the new chancellor Konrad Adenauer (see Adenauer). Living in Bonn after the war he at the age of 71 died, on 30-09-1967 and is buried with his wife Elisabeth, born Gerss, who died age 83, on 30-04-1988, on the cemetery Poppelsdorf a suburb of Bonn, close to the grave of WWII Generalmajor der Artillerie, Commander of the Catch Staff East with Air Region Command VII, Theodor Herbert (see Herbert).