Josef “Sepp Allerberger sniper at the East Front”.


Josef “Sepp” Allerberger, was an Austrian sniper assigned to the II Battalion 144 Regiment of the 3rd Gebirgsjäger Mountain Division under command of General der Gebirgstruppe Julius Ringel  unit operated on the Eastern Front. Allerberger was credited with 257 deaths in his military career. Julius Ringel died 11 February 1967, age 77. Born in the vicinity of… Read more »

Famous photo, Otto Funk and his unit in Normandy


You’ve probably seen one of the most famous photographs taken in Normandy, 1944, already that show the young Waffen-SS soldier Otto Funk with a ‘Thousand Yard Stare’. Funk was only 18 years old at that time, had been fighting continuously for days; almost no sleep and Allied planes were interfering every German move which caused many soldiers… Read more »

Bad Girls of Nazi Germany: Gerda Steinhoff.


Gerda Steinhoff was a Nazi prison camp overseer born in Danzig-Langfuhr, on January 29, 1922. She worked on a farm in Tygenhagen and later in a baker’s shop in Danzig until 1944. She married in January 1944 and had one child. She went to work for the SS at Stutthof concentration camp.   On October 1, 1944,… Read more »

That time when Americans and Germans fought together during World War II


Five days after Hitler killed himself in his bunker in Berlin and two days before Germany surrendered, American and German troops were fighting together side by side in what has been called World War II’s strangest battle. It was the last days of the war in Europe on May 5, 1945, when French prisoners, Austrian… Read more »

Adolf Eichmann killed a Jewish baby personal.


A man, a rabbi, lived in Philadelphia after the war, accused  Adolf Eichmann   of a personal murder of a seven-month baby. This rabbi, a former member of the Central Jewish Committee, whose identity was kept secret, had to report to Eichmann’s room. A room with huge dimensions was Eichmann’s office.. He was sitting behind a… Read more »

Settela Steinbach the Sinti girl in the Westerbork train.


Anna Maria (Settela) Steinbach born December 23, 1934, was a Dutch girl who was gassed in Nazi Germany’s Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Initially identified as a Dutch Jew, her personal identity and association with the Sinti group of the Romani people were discovered in 1994. Steinbach was born in Buchten, now part of Sittard-Geleen, in southern Limburg as the daughter of a trader and violinist. Setalla her on the… Read more »

SS Oberstgruppenführer Sepp Dietrich, the one-time butcher’s apprentice and beer-hall brawler.


Resume of Adolf Hitler

Josef Dietrich, by-name “Sepp”, born May 28, 1892, Hawangen, died  April 21, 1966, Ludwigsburg, West Germany, German SS officer who commanded Adolf Hitler‘s (did you know) bodyguard and later led an SS Panzer Army in World War II. A butcher’s apprentice still an animal lover, Dietrich joined the German army in 1911 and rose to the rank of sergeant during World War I. An early acquaintance… Read more »

The Joseph and Magda Goebbels children.


The Goebbels children were the five daughters and one son born to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda Goebbels.  The children, born between 1932 and 1940, were murdered by their parents in Berlin on 1 May 1945, the day both parents committed suicide. Magda Goebbels had an older son, Harald Quandt,  from a previous… Read more »

Arthur Liebenhenschel, commander of Auschwitz concentration camp.


Arthur Liebehenschel was born 25-11-1901 in Posen.   He studied economics and public administration. Too young to serve in World War I, in 1919 he was in the Freikorps “Grenzschutz Ost”; he served as a sergeant major in the German Reichswehr afterwards. In 1932, he joined the Nazi Party (member number 39 254), and in 1934 was commissioned in the SS, where he served in the Totenkopfverbände …. Read more »

Dutch collaborators in World War II.


Not all Dutch offered active or passive resistance against the German occupation. Some Dutch men and women chose or were forced to collaborate with the German regime or joined the German army (which usually would mean being placed in the Waffen-SS). Others, like members of the 35 men of the  Henneicke Column, between March and… Read more »

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